I found the pink paint

After all the trouble logging in Friday night, the hubby and I were able to get into STO with out any trouble both Saturday and Sunday. We logged quite a few hours and we got our guys to level 8. I am beginning to really enjoy the game. Parts of the story are beginning to make sense and feel fully formed. Combat on the ground is still not as slick as I would like, but its still fun. Space combat has gotten easier for me, although I still think I need to go back to the Starfleet Academy for some basic flying lessons!

I am working on the first level of crafting. It's laborious and I am not sure how much fun it truly is, but at first glance it maybe worth it to be able to upgrade some items.

Tribbles. Ohhhhh they are simply wonderful. In beta I wasn't really sure what they were for. I went looking for a forum post on it tonight when I heard some of the chat from my guildies. Seems you can upgrade your tribble?

I hadn't found one yet. I kept killing Klingon's on ground missions looking for one. Seems the Klingon's love their tribbles and are hoarding them. The hubby finally got one and stuck it in his inventory to look at later. By the time we had gotten out of the mission, he had two tribbles!!!

Yup, they breed in your inventory. If you have food in your cargo hold, they nibble it up and reproduce :) That's just fun.

I finally amassed a few credits this weekend and starting looking around to try and figure out how to upgrade my ship.

I found the pink paint!!!

I know I know... no self respecting Starfleet ship should be pink... but I couldn't help myself :)

I also figured out how to rename my collector's edition ship as well as the registry number.

I am going to have "r" to the end of every new ship I get since I can only have a ship's name once LOL.

In other news, I took part in a group discussion of DDOcast this weekend. The episode had been out 24 hours when there was already a complaint about my "whining and complaining!" *shakes her head* I love DDO, I just sometimes don't love all of it. I suppose I should be greatful to have a reaction at all, but it reminds me why I haven't been doing regular segments for a while. *shrugs*

Tomorrow is LOTRO day for me. Our guild is having our monthly meeting in our kinhouse and I am going to spend all day crafting to make something for the exchange we normally have. I've been slacking lately. Hope I have enough time to make things.

I am off to bed. Bioshock 2 party at my local gamestop tomorrow at midnight. The hubby has duty. I don't think I going to wander around the city that late by myself, so he will just have to bring it home to me on Tuesday. Plus, I have a new power supply coming tomorrow or the next day. Additionally, I still haven't finished Mass Effect 2.

So many great games, so little time.


Snow day

It's gorgeously white outside. Hey, I know a few of you you have this kind of wintery stuff all the time. I live on a beach. It's not normal :)

Like a kid, I shrugged into enough snow-like gear to rival the Michelin Man for girth. Camera in hand, I spent an hour wandering through the State Park behind my house and just enjoying the enthusiasm of the kids hoots and hollers, the crying of the babies who were wayyy too cold and the strange sight of people on ski's in a town known for surf boards!


Want to know the awesome thing about a snow day? I don't have to go anywhere and I can game as much as I want :)

Yesterday marked the opening of Star Trek Online's Headstart game launch. I really didn't WANT to patch my game and log on, but I figured I should. With some trepidation and whining over how I wanted to play Mass Effect 2, I got to it.

I made a Science officer. From the first screen I could tell the game has gotten a layer of gloss. It looks better, feels better, and the explanations of things are right where they should be.

I made Rowan who is the captain of the USS Sea Tiger (anyone know where that is from?) and logged in only to hear the Voice of Spock, the real one Leonard Nimoy, in my headset. :D

They have added a cool cinematic explaining where the universe is now and how star fleet fits in, why the klingons are at war with everyone and a jumping off place in the time line for how you are going to save the universe.

My biggest complaint when I was in open beta was the lack of continuity. I want story. It looks like Cryptic has added it and I am looking forward to going where no man has to gone before with my phasers on stun in the next 30 or so days to see if they succeed where many have failed before.

I didn't play very long. I had to get back to Mass Effect 2. I am totally hooked and I am hoping to get in many many hours of play this weekend.

Plus Bioshock 2 comes out on the 8th and I have it pre ordered, so well, there are only so many hours I can game. LOL

Jerry over at DDOcast put together this short Video from Mass Effect 2. I laughed and laughed. I find this hilarious :)

I am off to Mass Effect 2.

Game on!!!

Launch day woes

Sometimes a launch goes swimmingly. Then there are launches like yesterday's of Mass Effect 2.

I know when I buy a new MMORPG and I log in on launch day there are going to be issues. I expect it, and steel myself for whatever frustrations may come.

Stand alone games "should" work, right?

After picking up my copy of the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 2 yesterday, I came home and popped the CD in my computer. While it installed, I decided to check out the forums for the game.

As I logged in, I saw post after post about issues with the install, not being able to connect to the games "server" for the Collector's edition downloads, people using their codes on the wrong site, freezing of the game making it unplayable and so on and so forth.

I figured this had to be everyone else's issues because nothing was going to go wrong for me.

I am rather gullible aren't I?

Thus began the 3 hours of trying to play the game.

Look, when its a stand alone, I expect to be able to play it with no issue. I am not worried about servers being down, why do I need one in the first place?

I alternately screamed and ranted at my PC as I sat on the "please wait" screen for an hour. AN HOUR.

For some reason I was begin taken straight into the EA login and not being able to circumvent it to just play the game.

I scoured the forums for ideas. They ranged form checking my ports to storming EA's offices.

I am not in tech support. If I pay 60 bucks for a game I have been waiting a couple of years for, I obviously want to play the blasted thing.

I finally got everything to work about 10 30 pm est last night.

Trying to ignore the tension headache pounding behind my eyeballs, I pressed play and FINALLY was able to import in my character from Mass Effect 1.

Let me just say, that Bioware worked very hard to get information on the issues out to people in a timely manner yesterday. The problems were fixed, and if you load it up today, you should have none of the mega errors I had. I'm just lucky that way >.<

The game is beautiful. I will admit to feeling a little nostalgic about seeing my character again. By porting her into this episode, I gained a perks, but honestly nothing game breaking.

The biggest upside to using my old saved games was that the decisions I have made in the first game impacted Mass Effect 2. Characters I had let die in part 1, are still dead in part 2. I had been a lvl 45 paragon vanguard, and I could follow the paragon storyline in part 2.

I really could write a long long long blog about my love for this game, but to be honest, I just want to get back to playing it!

If you haven't planned on playing it, and you love an RPG, please please please go out and get a copy.

If you haven't played through Mass Effect 1, what are you waiting for? While not a prerequisite for playing Mass Effect 2, it does make the story richer.

The game has been streamlined, has new additions, and the storyline so far has taken my breath away.

I am off to play. I can't resist any longer.


Lottery winner W00t!!!

Before you all start thinking I am buying luxury cars and a new house, I won a LOTRO lottery :) And yes, its exciting.

How do they work?

Well, as part of the Mylotro community pages, you can enter your characters for lotteries during the week. It's incentive to check back on mylotro, I think.

I found out about the lottery right after recording a DDOCast. We'd been discussing ways to get people to use Myddo. I don't know how it could work for DDO, but I am hoping there is someone over at Turbine whose job it is to figure it out :)

Yesterday, I got a notice I had sold an auction. Since I am poor, I mapped home to Bree to check my mailbox and see my cash.

Surprise!!! I see 5 letters with the word "Lottery Winner" *faints*

This can't be right, I never win anything.

I received the following.

As well as 200 silver :D Whoo hoo.

Nothing like celebrating the wonderfulness of pie :)

In other news, looks like update 3 is coming to DDO February 3rd. If you'd like to look at the release notes for the test server to see what's coming, click here. Casual setting makes me want to puke, notice boards are for n00bs and generally I am disgusted, but that's just me being ranty. I am glad we are seeing so many updates.

DDO's 4th anniversary is being acknowledged this year with a party of sorts. It doesn't look in anyway like the Marketplace event.

Which by the way, I am finding a fabulous foreshadowing of the game itself. They blew the gaming marketplace on their butts with this little experiment of theirs. Plus, in my own personal opinion, they blew the actual game into smithereens, but I am off topic.

Look I said something positive. I am shutting up now.

Star Trek Online has extended their open beta by one day.

Headstart starts on the January 29th. I guess I need to call gamestop and see if I need to pick up the box early or if they are giving out a code for that. I will play the game for at least the free 30 days, after that we will see. I am still not sure if it's fun or not even after all the time I have spent in open beta.

Speaking of gamestop... I will be there at midnight tonight, waiting in line for my copy of Mass Effect 2, the collector's edition. Can't wait to see what kind of trouble Commander Shepard gets into this time. The hubby thinks I am insane. HA!