Fav game of 2015 and What to look forward to in 2016?

2015 didn’t have a ton of games I was chomping at the bit to play.  Some things sounded intriguing, but I felt going into the year like there wasn’t one big game I really wanted to plunk down money for and pre-order.

This hasn’t happened to me in probably 10 years.  There has almost always been something I went and bought early on.  A game I wanted the extra’s for.  I don’t even care if they are all digital or physical anymore.  I am just as happy to spend money on something I want to succeed. 

In 2015, I didn’t put down a single buck before a game released.  I am not sure if Zeff is happy or sad.  I know our budget loved my new found inability to find something to play.

I almost bought Witcher 3, but I didn’t really like 2 very much.  No sale.  I don’t want to play with other people in the shooter games, so all the Call of Duty type stuff was out for me.  The single player campaign might take two hours if I take my time.  I just can’t justify $60 on a couple of hours. 

Ah, but the end of the year made a little dent in our bank account, and made my heart sing.

I don’t normally need to make much of a choice on favorite games.  I can name most of them in quick succession, but the end of the year has me flummoxed.

I love Fallout 4.  I love Pillars of Eternity.  I love them both so much, I can’t choose between them. 

Fallout 4 brings a ton of fun to the franchise.  I still use way too many bullets, I never seem to have leftover stims, and my settlements are a wreck, but it’s the kind of game I lose myself in.  What more can you ask of a game?

The Pillars of Eternity story blows pretty much any RPG I have player since the original Bioshock, right out of the park.  Stellar.  Magnificent.  Fabulous.  I find some of the controls a little difficult, but that’s always been a problem for me when I have multiple party members to control.  It’s also not a walk in the park either.  I am really not good at using the priest, and I get my party wiped out often.  It’s not super frustrating yet.  I still want to beat the encounter.  I keep trying until I get a set up that gets me the win. 

2016 isn’t looking much better than 2015.  You will notice there wasn’t an MMORPG I hankered for.  There isn’t a single one for 2016 on my radar either.  There are bunches of reiterations of old games, further sequels in other franchises, but not much rings my bell yet. 

Being a Mass Effect fan, I want to believe Andromeda is going to be out in 2016, but I am not buying it.  All the footage I have managed to find looks like crap.  The video for Mass Effect day was a joke.  December 2016 is a shot in the dark. 

Persona 5 would be great, but I would have to buy a Playstation 4.  I still regret buying the Xbone.  It sits unused in my house gathering dust.  Sigh.  I don’t think I can buy another console just for one game.  Even though, I REALLY love Persona.

It’s feast of famine on the gaming landscape.  I am hoping for another Pillars of Eternity on the horizon.  Man, for a kickstarter game, I am just blown away.  Another fun Fallout 4 type game wouldn’t be rejected.  What I really want though, is a super fun MMORPG my friends and I can sink our teeth into. 

What were your favorite games of 2015?  What’s on your game buying schedule for 2016?


Getting Lost in Fallout 4

I wasn't going to buy Fallout 4.  I didn't want it.  I certainly never planned on actually liking it, but after the ten or so hours of play I have gotten in since NaNoWriMo ended, I find myself lost in the world.

I've been trying to pin point exactly what turns me on about it.  I like shooting things.  I like I can play a female character and do a little customization.  I like I can have a dog.  None of these things are very deep or super immersive in nature, so imagine my surprise when two or three hours go by.

I'll set a goal to go do one of the faction quests.  Nothing over the top hard at my minuscule level, but still, I might get to snipe some people from a hill.  I take along dogmeat and run out along the road.  I stop for everything. There are flowers to be picked, I keep my eyes peeled for veggies and fruit, ammo, and stuff because I am a bullet whore.  I am a lousy shot up close and tend to empty my guns with rather consistent regularity.  I'll see a building off in the distance and next thing I know, I am off the road and on way towards it.  It's a small town, and there are some buildings I can get into.  I start searching, shooting feral ghouls or raiders I find and stripping gear off them.  Now an hour or so has gone by and I am long ways off in the wrong direction from my focus.  Sigh.  I start trudging up the road again and see a hut along side the freeway.  Next thing I know I am overrun with molerats trying to eat my face off.  I take out my shotgun and start shooting.  

This can go on for hours as I get lost in the landscape.  I always start with a goal.  I mean to get there, but I seem to get distracted by all the other things to do.

There has really been only one big con in the game for me.  The training or help ingame is abysmal.  I am still one of those nutters who buy the strategy guide, but even with the hard cover Collector's Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, I find myself pulling out my tablet and googling for an answer to something.  Drives me batshit.  Thankfully smarter and more dedicated people than me have put together some really great sites on the game, and I can usually find what I am looking for without having to go to far afield.

The building mode still has me flummoxed.  I love to build things.  Cities:Skylines is a favorite of mine, and I play SimCity Buildit on my phone.  I get how this works, except, I don't get it in Fallout 4.  I can't tell you how many switches I made before I realized I needed some other power component for my generator to make my house run.  I still haven't found the crystals I need to put in the radio tower so I can attract more dwellers.  How do I figure out what angles raiders are going to attack my city from?  How do I set up supply lines?

I think the game is pretty dense.  I am just scratching the surface of it.  I was worried I was going to be wasting my money on a game I would play intermittently, but I find myself sitting in the doctor's office wondering if I should wear my power armor to go attack the power station where some raiders are holed up.

That's what a game is supposed to make you feel.  Plus, I'll say it again, I really enjoy shooting things.

If you've got some links to great Fallout 4 guides, send them my way.  I could use all the help I can get.  

Game On!