I had 4 days off and didn't game!


Hell has frozen over. Is it 2012? Because the Mayan prophecy must have come true.

pigs flying
pigs flying

Pigs must be flying somewhere.

I had 4 days off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I gamed zero hours.

As in not at all.  No gaming.

I didn't even hit up Angry Birds on my phone.

I think there is something wrong with me!  I need an intervention!

Things have been inordinately busy.  I am settling in with a work routine.  Thank goodness because I am like a baby on a schedule.  Mess it up, and I am going to whine and cry and ask for a bigger wine bottle.  Zeff and I are muddling through how to split up the house stuff.  My commute is down to 3 hours a day.

I am supposed to be salivating to get to a keyboard or my controller at the end of my sentence every afternoon.

But I'm not really.  While I have fun everytime I log on to a game, the thrill of the conquest is less than exciting at the moment.

I don't know if I am in a funk, or if this is just a by product of all the extreme changes we've made in the last year.

I mean, I could cut myself a break.  Less than twelve months ago I moved.  I interviewed for months before the new job fell in my lap.  I am in housing that drives me mad.  (just an fyi... the neighbors on my left just had a baby who screams a lot...the neighbors on my right are training their toddler to go off the binky...he screams a lot. There is a lot of screaming and I am considering joining in!) My husband is now cooking and doing a lot of the shopping and stuff I used to do.

One thing that has remained constant is my love of games.  It hasn't waned exactly. It's simply in a lesser form.

steve jobs book
steve jobs book

I have been reading the Steve Jobs book.  One thing that strikes me is drilling down, focusing on what makes you, well you, what you are good at, passionate about.  Plus Steve was kinda a dick.  I may make him my new rolemodel.

If I had a stopwatch on my life, would the ending to Skyrim move me to spend hours making the perfect campaign?  Would I care about the new raid in LOTRO or how much SWTOR makes me smile with hope?

I don't know.  I don't like people very much, so sitting around waxing poetic on my love for you, is going to take about all of 2 minutes.  I am going to need some time fillers.

I think part of my issue is, a game has to be good enough to hook me deep enough to make me want to give up family time everyday sinking into a virtual reality for a few hours.  Skyrim is pretty good.  Probably a game of the year.

So it just can't be the caliber of game, but the amount of time I spend playing it needs to feel righteous.  I dislike needing to resave and not finding the dragon the second time.  I dislike the entire follower/companion system Bethesda has and apparently is NEVER GOING TO FIX!  Ok, and I might have replayed a save a few times just so I could kill Lydia over and over again in a dragon's fire breath. :)

I am really greedy.  Good isn't good enough.  I want it all.

I'm not going soft on gaming.  I just won't accept crap in my games as easily anymore.

Gaming isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

What are you passionate about this holiday season?  What game is good enough for you to walk away from the family memory making and lock yourself in a room for a few hours?  What do you love?

I think I will go play some Skyrim now just to prove to myself I remember how to game.

Game on!!!