Pandemic Legacy Kicks Our Butt

With the blizzard looking to pound the snot out of us with wind and snow a few weeks ago, Zefflon and I went to the new local gaming store to check out the offerings.  We’d been meaning to get over there, but time hadn’t been on our side. 

 They had wall after wall of games galore.  New editions of old favorites, add-ons to games, and some unknown games we want to make room for.  After looking at everything, and deciding we couldn’t really spend a gazillion dollars even though we wanted to, we picked up Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

 I was intrigued by the idea.  A game that would be played over 12 months sounded fun.  I just wasn’t sure how it was going to happen.

 The blizzard came and went, and we still hadn’t opened the box.  After bribing Zefflon to clean the house, I rewarded him with board game time.  We broke open the box and started reading the instructions.

 First off, let me just say, I am incapable of writing on things, putting stickers on board games and tearing up cards.   If any of these items give you the slightest anxiety, you might want to take a few deep breaths before buying this one.  I’ve decided to let Zefflon put the stickers on the board, and write on things, and instead of tearing up cards, I will put them in a plastic bag and hid them in the box.  I’m allergic to tearing up things I bought even if I can buy more.  I just can’t.

 Based on the original concept of save the world from a global pandemic, Legacy allows to you to build on your success and your failures.  The failures are going to become important because there are going to be some.  If you’ve ever played Pandemic you know how hard it can be to win.  Zefflon and I are pretty good at it, but I have friends who have never beaten it.  It’s brutal.

 Things that I picked up on as being different: 

 If you have an outbreak in a city, it starts getting stickers.  As outbreaks continue, the cities will begin to riot leaving you incapable to flying there and other horrible things I didn’t memorize because they scared me.  Seriously, it gets bad. 

 Your character’s can be made stronger as they play, or they can die and you have to take them out of the game (and for you brave people, you tear up their card).  This means you can spend months playing them, and then lose them.  Ouch!

 As you eradicate a disease, you can, even after losing, pick a rule adding something to the disease.  In our case we eradicated the blue one and picked to be able to cure that disease from where ever we are without needing to travel to a research station. 

 There are a ton of things I am probably not thinking of, but the game isn’t overly complicated.  Don’t let me make it sound too harsh either. 

 You can lose many ways.  Running out of cards, too many outbreaks, running out of cubes, and I think there are a couple more.  You have to be on your feet and sharp to win.  The game takes about an hour to play, and can have 2-4 players.  You start in the month you are in.  If you play the first half of the month and win, you don’t have to play until the next month, if you lose, you get another shot of winning for that month.  If you win, your funding goes down, if you lose your funding goes up until it reaches a maximum of 10.  Even losing can be a win.

 We set up our game and went to play.  Here are some pics of our boards as we went.

Board before we started.  See the big sticker sheet?

Kimberly's Character Pic

Brian's Character Pic

Halfway through and we hadn't cure anything.  This was not a good sign, but we are just learning!

Game 1 ended with a loss when we ran out of cards in the deck.  Lesson learned. One disease eradicated.

Starting over.  Here is the beginning board for Round 2.

Game board 2 ending.  Another lose, but we managed to cure ALL the diseases and eradicate 3. Ran out of cards in the deck again. Bummer.

I haven't had this much fun playing a board game in a while.  If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, this would be a fun one to pick up.  Family friendly, and will get you back together once a month for an entire year.  Great excuse for Family game night!