Where have all the good games gone?

I'm in a gaming slump.  They happen,  but normally they haven't lasted this long. 

Where have all the good games gone? 

I've just finished looking at the games coming out before the end of the year.  They read like a bad writer pitching a crap story to a hollywood power player.  It's all about the sequels.

Fallout 4

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Halo 5

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

None of these are bad games.  I am not on some kind of random boycott.  I just don't feel terribly excited over any of them.  I've played in all the above worlds.  AC is more fun for me to watch someone else play.  I hate all the heights!   Fallout is always a nice diversion, but am I really up for 4?  Call of Duty only has a 2 hour or so PVE campaign.  Halo I enjoy, but I haven't ever finished 4, so I don't see me buying 5.

 Star Wars Battlefront looks like so much fun, but I don't enjoy PvP in any of it's varied forms. It's timed pretty tight with the upcoming Star Wars movie release.  I might be taking a pass on the new Star Wars.  I don't think I can take a Disney Star Wars with JJ Abrams at the helm.  Of course, Zeff might have something to say about that.  He finds my inability to see and enjoy popular movies pretty annoying.  We don't even bring up the blue people movie anymore since my head will spin around and steam come out of my ears.

Not all sequels or reboots suck.  I actually really really enjoyed Jurassic World.  The movie was a heck of a fun ride, and I made sure to buy a copy for our future viewing pleasure.

The Bioshock franchise is one of the few I can point to and say they haven't made a lousy game yet.  PC Gamer did a poll back in August for ranking the three games in the series so far. Bioshock 2 wasn't a bad game, but when you compare it to 1 and 3, it isn't a favorite.  

I can't think of a AAA MMORPG in production right now.  I am not sure if it's simply the mind boggling failures of the last few... Star Wars, Wildstar and ESO have all rebooted with Free to Play models.  I've tried all three, and still dabble in Swtor or ESO on occasion.  None of them have hooked me really. 

Most of the games coming out, whether single title or MMO, seem to have a very large focus on PvP.  All have some nod to PVE, but the expansions, mods, episodes, etc. all seem to cater to players attacking each other.  The developers are going to work on content that pays the bills.  I just happen to have a really unpopular gaming style.

So I am lost in a sea of dismal prospects.  There isn't a game on the Christmas list this year.  Not unless someone can sell me on a game I don't know about, or convince me a game I've written off has redeeming qualities.

Gaming might be in a transition phase.  I am not sure what I want to see come out of it, but something exciting would be quite welcome.

So what are you playing?

Game On!