I avoid new content like the plague



Yes, yes I am still around.  I have been super quiet on all of my outlets lately.  It's for a good reason.  After a long and somewhat torturous search, I finally landed a job.  Getting used to the commute, the long hours, lack of privacy and overall suckiness of my cell carrier's signal in my building, has left me with maybe an hour or so on the weekdays when I could game. I am not loving it.


While I have been slaving away nine to five, LOTRO's Rise Of Isengard has launched, the Turbine forums suffered some sort of disuruption, SOE is hacked AGAIN, Blackberry's implode, Iphone 4s announced *rolls her eyes*, Steve Jobs find everlasting peace, Kindle Fire announced...I could go on for a while.  It's been one heck of a busy month.

I noticed something though.

A. I am doing more content on Google +.  The conversation threading is simply better.  I can include photo's and video's with ease.  It's changing the way I think of putting out content.  I am not giving up the website, but it might have even less on it now.  You can click the Google+ button on the front page of my website and follow me if you are not already!

B. I get most of my gaming news and some world news through twitter.  It's fast. It's succinct.  I don't have to listen to commercials to get a quick bite of the pulse of my games.

C. I really don't enjoy facebook.  The changes over the last month have left me scratching my head.  For an innovative company, they sure are going the way of myspace.  I want more control over my content, my way, not yours.  I am not going to set up lists on a site I have used one way for years. I don't want to set up subscriptions.  And for effing sake, leave the bloody timeline alone you ID10T's!

D. I really don't like new content when it is launched.

The last one surprised me a bit.  I had been looking forward to new level's in LOTRO.  I wanted new places to take the fellowship.  A new set of book chapters to explore.

My main in LOTRO is a Ministrel.  The overhaul to the skills, spells, triaits, LI's, resistances, and so forth  slated for ROI left me with a bad headache.  I was overwhelmed.  The day of launch I think I updated my launcher and went to sleep.  The next day I didn't play.  Nor the next. And then it became a pattern of avoidance.

While I was busy figuring out how to handle a 12 to 13 hour day, LOTRO had a few hicupps. The LUA plugin mess frustrated many.  There were a few other bugs here and there.  It always take a week or so for the majority of the game breaking bugs to filter out on  live server.  No matter the testing, you need a bigger pool of players to really learn how to fix your game code.

I've watched my twitter, read CTSM, checked out the LOTRO news on my new android phone apps (squeals...I love this blasted thing!) and didn't get a single little pinch of curiosity until this weekend.

It's been about a month.  Everyone has calmed down for the most part about the bugs.  Most things have been fixed. The mad rush is over.

I logged into LOTRO tonight. :)

I will say though, I seem to do this in all my games.  I tend not to play on launch day unless Static Group is meeting in DDO.  I swing wide of all new quest zones.  I don't want need to be the first to find the new shiny.  In fact. I'd rather you find it.  I'll get there eventually.

I am not sure if it is an aversion to new stuff, or if I don't like the speed with which a lot of people inhale new quests, or if I don't like spending my precious gaming time being bounced from one bug report to another.

Just to touch on a few of the other topics I wish I had time to talk about this month.


I was excited about the Kindle Fire until I realized how Apple-like Amazon is thinking. It's looking like a pretty closed shopping system.  While it's running Android, it's doing it Amazon's way.  I am not sure if I want to participate in this experiment.  I want a fully fledged tablet.  What can I say, I am just greedy!

The Iphone 4s announcement sure left a lot to be desired.  If you are excited about, fabulous for you.  I want ed to see them push forward, not recycle. *shrugs*

Yes, as of this writing, the Turbine forums are still down.  I don't like being right about things sometimes. I had tiptoed over to the mylotro page a week or so ago when the lotteries were finally reinstated.  I noticed Turbine wanted me to log in with game password.  One password for the forums/mylotro and the game seemed nonsencial to me.  I even mentioned the lack of forethought on twitter.

A couple of days, maybe a week later, the forums go down for a back end issue.  Noone is out and out saying they were hacked.  What they are saying, is change your blasted passwords.  If you haven't, get on that.

I don't know what else to say about that.

Maybe they will get back online this week with some better corks in the security holes.

I might have giggled a little when blackberry's had am implosion.  I have had my new Android phone less than a month, and if I could I would have it surgically implanted in my hand.  I don't really use it as a phone.  While I will make the odd call on it, I mainly use it as a mini tablet compluter. I don't miss my blackberry at all.  Well, ok ... I missmy blinky light. :D

I hope I can continue to game a few hours here and there.  Killing pixels seems to keep me balanced.  I need to think tactically, plan out manuevers and decimate the enemy into a smoldering ash pile.

I'm not bloodthristy in any way, shape or form!

What have you lot been up to while I am chained to my desk?  Do you rush out to play new content as soon as it is available?

I am off to find some dinner!

Ohhh ...War in the North hits the streets ON Nov. 1st. See video below for eye candy goodness!


Game on!!!