Socially overwhelmed


***Disclaimer  While this article doesn't pertain directly to gaming, it is about how all of you gamer's use the web.  Read at your own risk!*** I had to take an AFL this week.  That stands for Away From Life.  Mostly I was taking a break from making desicions, but I was also finding myself completely buried under social networking.

If I am at home on my laptop, I generally have the following things running:

That's what I have running before I ever actually DO anything on my laptop.

I've been giving some thought to how I use all this connectivity.  Do I really need all of it?  How are my connections benefiting me?  Are they all productive?

I've also been thinking about how I send out information.  It's always in flux.

At the moment, I am using G+ to cross post to twitter and facebook.  I didn't spare many brain cell's about it until another person I follow started doing the same thing.  On a particular spammy day, I noticed I was getting the same information from them 3 times.  Considering they posted about 20 times in 24 hours, this led to a heck of a lot of noise in my stream.

How can I use each of the social networks I am connected with to converse with all the people in my life?  Generally speaking, I use facebook for family and navy friends, twitter for gaming friends, and I am discovering I use g+ almost like a blog.  Can I parcel out the content I am creating to connect better with each audience?

How much time is it going to eat up posting original content to each feed?

Does anyone really care?

I know I care.  I have unfollowed some people lately and parred down the cross post mania to one network per person!  If you've lost me as a follower or friend lately, it's because I am only listening to you in one place because you aren't being original in 3 or 4 places :)

I wouldn't really have gone this far with over analyzing my social web presence  if I hadn't fallen completely in love with G+.


If I receive a friend request on facebook and I accept, I am automatically subscribed to the friend's content.  It didn't  impact me negatively until I became a cafeworld addict.  In order to be my neighbor, you and I needed to be friends.  When I added about 25 people from the zynga forums to my cafe, I had people talking about a ton of stuff I really didn't want nor need.  I also can't understand all of it because some of my best  CW neighbors are over seas and post in their native language.

If you follow me on G+, I don't have to follow you.  I have had a few people add me and I wasn't sure who they were.  I put them in the "Who the heck are you?" circle and drill down on my G+ stream to see what they chatter about.  If I find out they are a gamer friend, I just move them to that circle.  G+ makes it so darn easy to control my stream and the type of content I read.

I wanted to highlight a link to the DDO folks the other day.  I could have posted it on twitter or on G+.  I ended up putting it over on G+ because I could put a full picture, the link and comment without hitting the 140 character ceiling.

I was a little scared last week when G+ added in the games tab.  One of the most annoying things about facebook is the games.  I am addicted to one, and I say its awful to read all those game notifications on my profile, home page, newsfeed and so forth.  I didn't want my G+ trashed by all the game nonsense.

Google listened.  G+ game notifications stay on the games tab.  They are not in my stream.  Ever.  I have been playing Zombie Lane over on G+ (which is campy and fun btw), and I have sent gifts, asked for neighbors, published stories about my adventures, and it all stayed on that one tab.  It's simply sinful how happy it makes me :)


For now I am going to keep all three networks.  They each reach a separate audience and offer unique ways to interact.  In the future, I can see myself only using G+.  It is simple, clean and functional in ways facebook and twitter can only kick themselves about.

I have added a follow me on G+ button to my homepage.  If you haven't gotten an invite to G+ and need one, let me know.  It's a beautiful thing, and I am totally enchanted by it's fabulousness.

It's going to take me a little while to par down my cross posting habit.  Bear with me while I wean myself off :)

How are you using your social networking? What tips can you give me on how to control the amount of content I put out as well as feed on?  I really want to hear what you are doing and how you are managing your networks :)

Game On!!!