Crafting makes me want to throw something!


*waves* I have been enjoying learning to craft in DDO.  Ok,  you caught me. *blushes* I am not a good liar!

Our static group second generation character's are working towards level 5.  As a group, they have been passing all ingredients to me.  They have also been giving the odd weapon or armor to deconstruct.

Last night I had a full inventory, and went over to House K to crunch some stuff.

babyrowcraftsagain 8-10-2011 10-24-25 PM
babyrowcraftsagain 8-10-2011 10-24-25 PM

I ended the session 4/1/5.  Not really all that great.

All crafting can be a grind.  Most games try to find ways to help players achieve their goals with minimal aggravation.  In their quest to remain different, DDO has created a system so convulated you need a flowchart to navigate it.

If you think I am exagerating, please take a look at Crafting with Courtney.


For instance, in Episode 6 Courtney shows us a Min lvl 5 Acid Maul of Everbright.  If you read the link I posted above, you will realize in order to make this min lvl 5 weapon (which is bound btw),  you are going to need to have your Elemental crafting at 33 and your Divine at 19.  ACK!!!

I am not sure how our group could even begin to get one of  the six of us at a crafting level where I can make gear the group can use?

I remember hearing on DDO Cocktail hour's crafting special, that you could deconstruct bound shards back into ingredients?  I may need to go figure out how to do this.  There is no way I am going to get anywhere close to Elemental crafting 33 while we are in level range. *sigh*

The big crafting experiment makes me want to throw something!!!

DDOcast highlighted a web app created by JFlanigan.  I love this person, as I recall they had one of the first shroud crafting apps.  Anyways, JF has created a fabulous app for crafting.  I don't know how comprehensive it is, but my goodness it has 897 recipes so far!!!

crating web app
crating web app

This is mostly what I have been looking for.  If I want to make a set of goggles with a secret door clicky, what do I need? Make me a list!!!

Here is what an output can look like on the planner.

secret door clicky
secret door clicky


Ok, so in looking at this, I can tell right off I will not be making a secret door clicky for a while.  Level 40 crafting if I make it bound?  Level 79 if I make it unbound? ACK!

I am back to wanting to throw something :(

I need some ideas for how this system could be improved.  How can I make the most out of the limited resources our group has to pull from?  Do you have any tips on ways to improve my level ups?  What are you doing with crafting?  Are you finding it useful?

I am not giving up.  I love that we have crafting.  Dang, you caught me lying again.  *sigh*

I love the idea of DDO crafting.  In practice, I have found DDO crafting massive suck.

Game on!!!