Blizzard take Diablo 3 and shove it!


I was listening to PC Gamer's podcast on my ipod last night while I struggled to find sleep at 4am.  I heard them talking about Diablo 3, and my ears perked up. They were debating the Diablo 3 double bombshells dropped last week.

1.  You will need a persistent internet connection to play Diablo 3

2. There will be a real world money Auction house.


I managed to swallow my rage so as not to wake up Zeff.

Hey Blizzard made the same decision as far as requiring a constant internet connection for Starcraft II.  I don't remember much squealing about it.  The real world money thing , however, left me fuming.

I checked my facebook when I got up today, and found PC Gamer had interviewed Jay Wilson at Gamescon about the internet connection issue.  In his brilliance, the Diablo 3 game director said " the game’s not really being played right if it’s not online..."

He had a few other gems to share. When asked "But what about those without a stable internet connection? What should a player do if, say, the internet wiring in his house is flawed?"  Wilson replied "Erm… upgrade the wiring in his house?" He went on to explain "So the notion that there’s just tons and tons of people out there that aren’t connected – isn’t… I don’t think is really accurate.”

Combine the first two shockers and add in a sprinkle of arrogant asshat, and I have cooked up one heck of a hatred for a game I salivated over for years.

I loved Diablo 1 and 2.  I have played through them multiple times. I played single player campaigns, and used to connect to others to play.  Mainly I played alone trying to get Deckard Cain to give me a hollow leg and get the cow mode to pop.

According to Jay Wilson, I wasn't playing correctly.  I am not sure why he feels he can disparage the hundred of hours I spent enjoying two beautiful games, but he sure anointed himself Chief of Police for all things Diablo.

PC games have tried several different anti-piracy techniques.  The latest has been the "You must be online all the time or you can't play me" tactic.  It's pushed many gamer's to throw  mice, make angry phone calls, and abandon games they would have otherwise finished.

I wasn't terribly familiar with the issue until my husband deployed.  He had taken his laptop with him, and I wanted to send him a new game to play.  It took 3 Best Buy employees and I half an hour of going through boxes to find a game.  While most new games don't require a constant internet connection, almost all require a one time connection to verify your purchase.

My husband was in the middle of the ocean on a US Navy ship.  I was lucky if they had enough connectivity for me to get an email, there was no wifi for personal use for goodness sake.

I've talked to other military spouses and we have all come to the same conclusion.  Buy an Xbox and send them games.  The era of stand alone PC games is dead to us.  The extreme measure's PC game houses are asking of paying customer's has left the field open for consoles to squeeze in for a take over.

I could probably swallow the interent thing, but Diablo 3 had to shove crap in my face with the Auction house.  Historically Blizzard has been rabid in it's battle against gold farming maggots.  Unfortunately they seem to have suffered a role reversal and are now going to make the ultimate gold farmer mecca.

While there will be the traditional gold Auction house, the real money Auction will support the selling of gold.  One way or another I am going to be helping a gold farmer.   Blizzard has also decided they are going to take a flat fee cut on every transaction on the Diablo 3 real money Auction house.  Dollar signs must be dancing in Blizzard's head.

I could probably ignore the Auction houses entirely, but I can't seem to fight red haze when I take the entire proposal into consideration.

I am sure Diablo 3 will sell a bazillion copies.

In my own personal opinion, Blizzard can take Diablo 3 and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Game on!!!

P.S.  I normally spend hours making sure I include pretty pictures and video for my posts.  I am so mad right now I refuse to honor Diablo 3 with screenshots and trailers.