Crafting the DDO way?


I’ve pretty much stayed away from crafting in its current form in DDO.  Mostly I am not playing enough to see the good out of the lack of investment I can offer this new grind. I have been curious about it, but not enough to give it the needed attention it deserves. When Player’s Handbook rerolled week before last, I thought I would give it a try.   I wanted to see if I could make items that would benefit our non- twinking party as we leveled up.  I am also curious as to whether or not it is so expensive as to be out of range for new or casual players.

The team is passing me as many items as they dare to.  We’re broke again, so every copper counts.  Letting go of some of the items to give me to deconstruct might prove our undoing as we get higher up in level.

I took a jog over to House K, and entered the crafting hall.


The Beta message cannot be ignored.  It pops in the middle of your screen.  You have been warned.  Keep this image in your mind.  You will be referring to it later :)

I’d poked around from time to time, and knew enough to surmise I would need to decon items before I could craft.  I had also seen the crafting bound and unbound shard stations.

I plunked in every single item the group had passed my way.  It equaled a whole lot of nothing once I was done pulling off essences.  I was a little disappointed, but valiantly walked over to a bound shard station and cranked up the machine.

I made a total of 3 shards with the items I had pulled off our loot.

We just dinged level 3 on our new babies Wednesday night.

My crafting stats are 2/1/2. *rolls her eyes*


All I can say is this crap better get fabulous and fast!  At the rate I am going, the party will be broke, I will have no return in craftable loot to offer my team for their sacrifice, and I will have carpal tunnel from cranking the dang machine.

I am not completely sold on this system.  It’s laborious.  Fact is, I need some help.  I am overwhelmed by the process.  I can figure out which shards I can make by placing the essence's in the book one at a time. It’s tedious to say the least.

What I feel I NEED is a good recipe book with the end item being the beginning and the ingredients underneath.

The DDO compendium is trying to accomplish this, but to be honest, it is falling short.

crafting doodad
crafting doodad

The recipe book is listed via nick names.  I can’t tell what I am looking at until I go digging into the links.  For instance, I was wondering if I could make some secret door clickies for our group, or maybe featherfalling items.  I need to go through all the links to see what the recipes actually do?

Basically, crafting in DDO sort of stinks right now.  They have been making some changes slowly.  It is getting better, but boy it’s like watching molasses drip off a spoon.

I think it’s sort of ass backwards.  In every other type of crafting I have ever undertaken, I have known what I was going to make, and I searched, farmed, or created the needed material/ingredient to make XYZ.

In DDO, I am making the material/ingredient then figuring out what I can do with it?  Does this make sense to anyone else?

Why do I need to make a bazillion useless shards in order to level?  Why am I sinking our hard earned plat into something I can’t get anything out of until I am broke, tired and frustrated?

Every crafting system has a grind.  It is a component of the art.  If you want to be good at something you have to practice.  I am not calling that into question.  What I have an issue with is making a bunch of BOUND shards I am not going to be able to do anything with!

And then there are the mistakes.  In the current patch  (10.1) that has gone up on Lammania, they made a ginormous “error.”  They adjusted the higher level recipe’s to make them more challenging to generate the craftable top tier loot.  From what I can gather, they added a bunch of raid loot as ingredients.

The forums are on fire discussing it.  Madfloyd has already spoken on the forums addressing the issue.

madflyodscrafting sacrifice
madflyodscrafting sacrifice

I stopped reading the forums a year or so ago when I realized there was little constructive discussion going on over there, but I peeked over on the lammy thread today to see what the general consensus was. I discovered flame after flame, threats, angst, and nerd rage.

I felt a little ill after I left the thread.

If you are going to cancel your subscription to DDO over crafting, please do not let the door hit you where the good lord split you.   In fact, here, let me throw down some grease to hasten your escape.

If you are angry, be angry. I can accept that, but I am not sure what there is to be angry about other than a mistake being made and then caught on the preview server.

* Will the patch go live? At this time, it will.  Will it matter? I don’t think so. I think everyone has gotten their knickers in a twist over something trivial in a system that is in BETA.

Also, you are entitled to absolutely nothing.  Turbine doesn’t owe you diddly.  You rent time on their servers for your own enjoyment.

That said, I would also like to point out that Turbine does not wake up in the morning and ask themselves how they can piss off the entire community in one foul swoop!

My hope is that this will all blow over.  The community roars from time to time, but it dies down.  Crafting is here to stay.  It is still in beta (remember when I told you to keep that screenie in your mind? This is your sign!), and I expect lots of roller coaster ups and downs as the system is refined.  Everyone wants it to be successful, both Turbine and players alike.

If you have a link to a crafting resource guide, pop it into the comments below. I would love to highlight it here on the my corner of the interweb, and I'll let DDOcast know about it.  I could really use the help as I slog through the current crafting mess.

If you have trolled over here to make much ado about nothing, please be aware I liberally apply the ban hammer to nonsensical bitter diatribes left on my site :)

Game On!!!


* During the process of writing this post Madfloyd responded to the Community with a further update. The patch will not go live.