A LOTRO Plugin I can't live without!

what my screen looks like 6-4-2011 8-46-37 PM

*waves* We've been running a lot of instance’s lately. It's come to my attention some of us are confused on when to use a potion for a debuff, and when not to.

I had this issue until I got what I consider the best plugin available for LOTRO.

Have you ever wished when you were poisoned, a pot would pop up on your screen and you could click to drink it? You need Buff bars!


People have said they had some trouble understanding Buff bars. I totally understand that. I am going to try and break down what I've learned while using the plug in.

First, I don't use just buff bars. I use a plugin manager to help me with all of my plugins. There are several available atm. You can check them all out over at lotro interface.

Please read the very detailed instructions on how to install a plugin for the first time over at LOTRO Interface!!!

If you think you are going to use more than one plug in, I highly recommend using a plug in manager.  It makes loading and unloading so much less of a pain in the rear. It also allows you to be able to pick and choose what plugins you want to run per the circumstance you find yourself in.

Now that you have loaded Buff Bars into your game, you need to configure it. This is not overly complicated, but if this is the first time you are messing around with your UI, you might find it a little overwhelming!

1. Load the LOTRO Client and log into a character. 2. Type /plugins load buffbars (and seriously if you are gonna load more than one, please utilize a manager) 3. Type /buffbars options

Now you are gonna see a screen like this...

Take a breath and don't panic. Here is where you can fully customize the buff bars experience.

Buff bars can be set up to give you information on the current buffs you are running with timers (for instance how long until you need to eat more food!), Debuffs that have hit you with a timer, a timer on how long until you can drink your next pot (especially handy for when you are between power pots!), and a quick slot bar that will literally pop up in the MIDDLE of your screen to give you a pot to drink for a debuff you have been hit with. Seriously, this thing really rocks it.

The first thing I do on this screen is hit the quick slot options.

quickslots 6-5-2011 12-25-26 AM

I then click on each of the categories listed and click on the pot I want to pop up. There are generally 6. The plugin knows what is a wound, a fear and so forth. Please note, as you level, you will need to update these pots as they do not auto update!

power trigger 6-5-2011 12-25-43 AM

After doing my quick slots, I hit accept and press ctrl \. Look for the quick slot bar and move it where you want it on the screen. Also check to make sure all 6 pots are slotted correctly!

Next let's set up the behavior you want for the actual buff bars. Type /buffbars options. Click on the effects option.

You can have all your stuff in one list. I don't personally recommend that, since in the middle of an instance you generally need your debuff feedback to be a little more accessible.

So, here is what I do. Under the effects window I click COPY once, then twice. I rename BUFFBARS COPY1 to be DEBUFFS and BUFFBARS COPY2 to be Cooldowns.

I then click on dropdown and select Buffbars. I uncheck Debuff and Cooldown in the General section.

buffbars 6-5-2011 12-25-49 AM

I then click on the dropdown again and this time choose Debuff. I check Enabled in the General Section, and uncheck Buff and Cool down.

debuffs 6-5-2011 12-25-53 AM
cooldowns 6-5-2011 12-25-58 AM

I then click on the dropdown again and this time choose Cool down. I check Enabled in the General Section and uncheck Buff and Debuff.

Then I click accept.

Now hit ctrl \ . You will see all the pieces of your UI again. Find the 3 windows you just created. Buff bars, Cool down and Debuff. Move them to where you would like them on your screen. I generally keep my buffs to one side of the screen where they can be seen when I look, but not crowding the beauty of LOTRO's graphics.

I put my cool down bar above my debuff bar and make sure my Quick slot window is near them. Why? Because when a warg rider hits me with a chill and a minor fear, I want to make sure I drink my fear pot after the chill has gone off. It has a much shorter cooldown than the minor fear, so I need to be able to see those timers. I place the cooldown bars right there in case I get hit by something else in the meantime. This way I can see what's on me and when I am going to be able to drink another pot.

poison pot buffbars 6-4-2011 7-52-15 PM

I was hit with Poison. See the debuff, and then the pot on my quickslot bar. It's right in front of my face making me drink it :)

poison pot cooldown bar 6-4-2011 7-52-21 PM

Now you can see that I drank the poison pot and the cool down timer is the green bar on the screen. Super Handy!

That's it!

The first time you redo buff bars it seems like it is going to take forever, but if you ever have to do it again, it will be a breeze!

Here is what my final screen generally looks like.

what my screen looks like 6-4-2011 8-46-37 PM

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

I hope this helps and you continue to enjoy your times in Middle Earth!

Game on!!!