Mad, sad…trying to find glad

dragon age 2 pic
dragon age 2 pic

It’s been a tough year of gaming at my house. The wonders and joys of Dragon age were pillaged by the limp Dragon age 2. Mediocre at best, this is one sequel that should have been left to bake a while longer.  I salivated over Dragon age at Gencon the year before it launched.  I played all the add-ons, beat Origins, and wished and wished for more.   I should be careful what I wish for in future.

I’ve managed to battle my way to halfway through the game.  I can say definitively, the lack of an overall story arc robbed Dragon Age 2 of the biggest thing Dragon Age was given raves for…A  STORY!!!  Without the necessary writing bits and bobs, you were left bereft of character motivation.  To be honest, I just don’t care if I ever finish this one.

Even a facebook game couldn't save my inattention to Dragon age.  I won't call it a waste of a tie in, but they could have just released Dragon Age Legends and made me happier. At least it has some bones to it.


I’ve been watching Dungeon Siege 3 for a while.  It’s been on the radar.  I still remember breaking a mouse in anger with a battle in Dungeon Siege 2.  How could I resist a third installment?

I downloaded a demo to my xbox the other day.  After 20 minutes, I quietly turned the machine off and wished I could erase the entire experience from my brain.  It is a poorly executed mish mash of bad voice- overs, poor AI pathing and I won’t even discuss the story.

Mass Effect 3 looks flipping beautiful, but I can’t have it this year. *sniff sniff*  I thought I was going to get it for Christmas.   Here’s a tasty trailer to whet your appetite.

There has been no release date set for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I don’t think I am going to get this one this year either.

Ditto for Diablo 3.

I would still be playing Everquest 2, but between being hacked personally, and the entire company being hacked debacle, I simply haven’t the urge to turn it on.

Dungeon’s and Dragon’s Online is exploring crafting.  Growing pains can be painful, and it’s my feeling this is still very much in an incubation stage.  Epic’s haven’t become any more exciting.  The level cap is still 20. I am still NOT going to reincarnate. There is just very little for me to do right now.  Player’s Handbook still meets once a week to play, but even we are running out of juicy things to sink our teeth into.  I am hopeful there will be SOMETHING to make me blissful for this MMO soon. Please?

( As an aside, if you are willing to do the input, you can participate in the new Cannith Crafting Cookbook.  Please be aware the content appears to be edited by players, use at your own risk!)

I finished Fable 3. This has to have been my favorite out of the entire Fable series. I am sad it is over.

By the time I reached the month of June, I wondered if anything was going to get me hot for gaming.

la noire box
la noire box

I’d seen the advertisements for LA Noire.  I knew there had been a lot of buzz about it.  Rockstar is getting a reputation for taking the impossible and making a profit from it.  Did anyone ever think a western video game would perform like Red Dead Redemption has?

I’d been amassing some Best Buy bucks, and realized I could almost get LA Noire for next to nothing.  With trepidation, I put the disc in my Xbox.

I then played the game for almost 50 hours in a week’s time.  It’s fun, distracting, interesting, full of the flavor’s you would expect from a Noire film live and in your face.  I’m even finding some of the achievements interesting.

For example, you need to find 50 golden reel film canisters scattered throughout the world.  I found this link to the list that included the actual movie DVD fronts.  How cool is that?

I drove though through the city in a Chrysler Woody and instead of stopping off to investigate a murder; I sat in the car to listen to the radio.   It was a Jack Benny piece, and I just wanted to hear the entire thing.

I am also back to playing Lord of the Ring’s Online.  I have managed to make my way in Moria, and I haven’t had this much fun in an MMO in a while.  I’ve been exploring the LUA plugins, listening to A Casual Stroll to Mordor, writing guide posts for my Kin and redecorating my house with every trophy I can win.  In case you think I don’t love LOTRO enough, here is a pic of the framed map about in my study.


By the way, I completely missed the entire Digital River versus Turbine Rise of Isenguard pre-order mess.  I think I want to buy the 50 buck package, but I am in a waiting pattern atm.  If you are receiving those cancellation emails, don’t panic. I am sure Turbine will get it all sorted before launch in September.

I’d hoped for some really juicy stuff out of E3.  I can say nothing piqued my interest.  It seemed like a rehash.  I don’t want to buy a new Wii right now.  Xbox is taking the entire Kinect thing a little too far, and poor Sony could do nothing to erase the exceedingly bad luck they have had this year.

How is your gaming year looking?  What’s got you excited?  Please share it with me, and maybe you will help get me re energized for a game I didn’t know I would like!

Game on!!!