Raids, end rewards and me


My guild wanted to run an off raid night Evon6 yesterday.  I logged over to Rowanheal and ran up to talk to Barrow D'Kundarak about his dragon problems.  The confused dwarf  pointed to the green and gold check mark above his head.


*cue dramatic sigh*

I'd forgotten to get my end reward, AGAIN!

It's happened to me a few times over the last couple of weeks.  I don't know what my issue is, but I can't seem to remember to click for my end reward before switching characters for the next raid on the list.

I used to use a web based online raid checker for DDO, but unfortunately it seems to have died.  The web page will no longer load :(

So while the guild went off to face Velah, I started hunting around for a new solution.  I went through a couple before I found one that works well for me.

The Automatic Raid Timer Spreadsheet feeds my need to be super OCD about my characters, while facilitating a reminder to pick up end rewards.  I am staring at my copy now while waiting for this mornings maintenance to be over, and I am noticing I didn't take my end reward for my rogue's crafting run of the shroud yesterday!!!  I know I didn't take it because the line for Thirteenth Eclispe is blank.  *facepalm*

Below is a screenshot of what a blank spreadsheet looks like.

automatic raid timer checker
automatic raid timer checker

Things you need to know about the spreedsheet.  You will need to have a google account. The template uses the google documents scripts, so set one up if you don't already have one.  The data is pulled from Myddo.  There is no need to enter any kind of passwords or anything, so you don't need to worry that someone is trying to get nefarious account information.  If you use more than one account, you will end up with two spreadsheets (which is what I have done.)  It will keep track of raid timers, number of completions, and epic timers.

And it's all in one handy dandy place that is self maintaining :D

The link I provided includes image instructions to set the spreadsheet up, how to publish it if you want the document to be web based, and instructions for contacting the author if you have problems with it.

How do you keep track of your raid timers?


In other news, lookie what I pulled on a run through Epic Von 3 yesterday!



I have a level 10ish Barbarian I am leveling up.  Guess who is going to use this scroll? :D

I am off to do a few taps runs  on my Sorcerer before I tackle real life.

Game On!!!