Gleanings from Pax East 2011


It's the weekend of Pax East 2011, and I am stuck at home.  Like most of you, I have been aggregating bits and bobs of news from the various gaming outlets. What follows is my attempt to pull together what I've found online into a cohesive article.  I can't comment on the validity of all the news since I wasn't there to hear it myself.  It's the interwebs, and the interwebs lie.  So if I were you, I would take some of this with a grain of salt!  Also, I am giving credit where credit is due!  Check out the links and see where they lead you :)

The DDO news has been a little light this year,  but there has been a few nuggets of DDO smexiness dropped at the con.

Check out DDOcast today for the  "LATEST FROM PAX EAST!  Live on Ustream - Ep 208 Sat, March 12th @ 3PM EST (650) 336-5424" via @DDOcast's tweet.  Steiner Davion volunteered to cover as much of the con as he could in one day for DDOcast.  He tweeted a lot of news, but I am sure he kept a few things back to share on the live show today.

Here is a short list of what Steiner teased his twitter followers with yesterday.

  • New crafting System coming with regular item deconstruction
  • Update 9 has a horror theme
  • Update 9 in April
  • A new House ward with favor coming later this year
  • Crystal Cove event reappearing in March
  • New challenge system coming this year , including a 3 minute Crystal Cove Challenge.

Steiner had the good fortune to win a Lifetime Membership to DDO via a contest Turbine ran at the con.  Look at him preening in this photo he posted on his twitter!

Steiner wins again!
Steiner wins again!

Jerry Snook tweeted a link about Lorehound having a video interview with Fernando Paiz!  You have to see this!

Producer Glin and Lotro have both been tweeting about G4's Morgan and Adam being at the Turbine booth to record. I am not sure what show it will be on, but I already have X-play set to record on my DVR on Monday. Hoping someone will announce when it will air.

There was also a nice pic posted by @Lotro with Morgan and Adam at the WB/Turbine booth.

turbine booth at pax east 2011
turbine booth at pax east 2011

Producer Glin and Madfloyd interviewed with Ten Ton Hammer. The article is not going to be out until after Pax East 2011, but I am keeping my eyeballs peeled for more details about what's happening in DDO this year!

If you want LOTRO news, and I know @Zefflon has been glued to his twitter feed for Pax East 2011 LOTRO news, please check out A Casual Stroll to Mordor.  They tweeted a live feed to Turbine's keynote this morning, and have been working hard at the con gathering all kinda of yummylicious gaming news.  Oh, and @Zefflon is reminding to mention to all you LOTRO fiends out there that the Echoes of the Dead mod will be released on March 21st. So get ready for some new LOTRO goodness.

P.S. By the time this goes out, I should finally have added the Mod 8 to Rowanheal's Quest list. As usual all mistakes are @Zefflon's fault, and I will take credit for everything that is perfect :D

Game on!!!