Europe FINALLY gets to transfer...and odds and ends :)

After six weeks of waiting, today is the day the EUbies (thanks TurbineTolero for putting this name in my head LOL) FINALLY arrive in mass with their old characters from Keeper and Devourer. *claps*

I am not going to wax poetic on the losses to their community as members who didn't want to recreate characters simply fell away from the game.  What I am hoping will happen is a resurrgence of passion amongst their community as they see familiar names running through Stormreach.  I am beyond excited this has born fruit worth eating.

The FAQ went up this morning over at  I perused most of it and found it well thought out, answering most of what I personally wanted to know.  I am hoping after feeling like the forgotten child in the corner, the European players read hope in the article.  IF they can read it.  I know most of the world can speak English, reading it can be an entirely different matter.  Players within the community are translating the FAQ amongst themselves into their native language.  The French version is already up.

Looks like most stuff IS going to transfer.  The special items in your personal bank, equipped items and personal inventory look like they will transfer.  If you had a founder's helm's and other items from limited edition boxed sets, they will be on the characters who already have them, but will not be available for newly created characters.  I am beyond 100% sure there will be hiccups, but I am super bloody thankful this is happening at last.

Guilds, Friends lists, Ignore lists, Mail, Auctions, ETC. will not transfer.  To be honest, that didn't surprise me.  I am pleased as punch EUbies are getting as much as they are.

The one massive "eww" moment on the FAQ came with the favor issue.  From what I am reading your total favor is transferring, however the rewards for said favor are not.  So drow and favored soul status is going to irk some people.  It is suggested in the FAQ you can re-earn favor on another character to pop drow/favored soul open on the server, buy it from the store, or maybe you have a character who had earned the favor, but never got the opportunity to speak with Nyx.  Personally, I think buying these two from the DDO store will be less of a headache.  This DDO store purchase is account wide and not simply server based.

I have really only hit the high points on the FAQ list.  Please please read the faq.  The transfer tool goes live around 6pm EST.  That appears to be 23:00 Central Europe time.  Super late, but I am sure some of you will be drinking coffee with your fingers hovering over the button.  Of course after six weeks of waiting, what's one more night, right?


Odd and Ends

The hubby and I played some DDO on Argo last night.  We checked out the Mabar event, and after 2 hours of waiting around, we were able to step into the spectral dragon instance.  Reading about the event, I didn't think it would work well.  Playing it, I realized DDO players can work through anything.  Using general chat and party invites to coordinate, we seamlessly beat the encounter.  Had a blast and crafted a Cloak of night to level 12 after hitting the auction house for some Motes of Night.  I really hope we see more of these type of events.

DDOcast said goodbye to our Founder and leader this past Friday on Episode 191.  If you haven't heard, Jerry Snook has been stolen by Turbine.  We all tried to get some kind of shared custody agreement to no avail.  He has garnered a dream job, and we all wish him well.  I spent most the cast silently trying not to sob over the mic.  I will miss him on the show and in my gaming world.  He has been an amazing friend, has taught me to be a better balanced podcaster, writer and has introduced me to many games and fun times.

Clanky put together this fantastic graphic.  I am using it as my wallpaper.  It reminds me to never stop dreaming.


Anne and Sigfried Trent are taking over the reins of the show.  I think Sylvurdragon is dubbing it DDOcast 2.0.  I like it.  One era is over and another starts.  I am going to try and stay with the show.  I have loved being a part of it, and learn so much from participating.  I have no idea what the Trent's have planned, but I am hopeful they will make an announcement over the next few days alerting all of us to what the future holds.

Fullscreen capture 1112010 50116 PM
Fullscreen capture 1112010 50116 PM

I am going to have to boycott my local electronics store.  They send out these $5.00 certificates whenever I spend enough money with them.  I had a certificate that was going to expire and walked through the store trying to decide which of the bevy of goodies I would buy this time around.  Fable 3 called out to me.  Being me, I of course bout the Collector's edition. I loved the packaging this came in, and the free hunter's lodge zone is pretty awesome.  I have been spending hour's playing through the storyline.  If you have played any of the other two Fable's, you know the story always seemed light hearted.  This third incarnation, has a really well thought out and decidedly darker, edgier plot.  I've been buying real estate, doing all the sidequests, and enjoying the heck out of the game.  If  you need a certain Demon door opened and are looking for a friend, add me to your friends list.  I don't mind making some extra cash while helping you out :D

I am off to box up the halloween decorations and shove something in the oven for dinner.  Then I will have to choose what I play.  Fable will probably win.


P.S.  I have taken down the server status widgets for DDO and LOTRO.  Neither seem to be working atm.  I have added a search box for EQ2 at Zam.  This is probably more for my use than yours, but it is my site :D