DDOcast build guild gets an Airship!!!

I haven't had a ton of play time lately for the DDOcast build guild.  This morning however, I made an exception.  I saw on my twitter we had made level 20 and could go Guild ship shopping! The Fat Halfing has been built and flies in the sky above Stormreach.  It was bitter sweet having the ship.  I think we all wished Jerry could have been around to see it happen. :(  It's secondary title is the Mockduck in his honor!

I haven't really messed around with the guild ships.  I've been on one before as a guest, and my new guild on Argonessen has one, but pretty much I was a huge N00b.

The experience had a few icks.

Number one... there is purple paint, but no pink paint.  What's with the Pink hate Turbine?  Hmmm?  Explain it to me.  I am insulted, pissed off, otherwise super snarky about purple being on the list but not pink.  Bite me!!!

Number two...When you put down an item it cannot be moved.  I was super new to how the hooks worked.  I bought the guild a mailbox on in the DDO store, and plunked it into a slot.  I then realized it looked goofy and wasn't terribly accessible.  I went to move it and couldn't.  I am going to guess this has something to do with the timers on the items, but seriously, the decorator in me cringes when I look at the mailbox :(

Number three...Astral Diamonds.  Really???  So they cost a butt ton of real cash in the store.  I bought us a set of 100 to put towards a lvl 25 ship upgrade.  2500 points gone in one go.  Seemed a little out of whack to me.  Luckily, since I boycotted the store for a year, I had points banked, but I wasn't sure how more full time players were handling this issue.  Are people really upgrading to the storm glory ships?  I know since the changes to Update 7, Astral Diamonds are dropping in chest, but I have heard the drop rate isn't all that awe inspiring.  *sigh*

Those are really the only complaints I have.  The ship is simply fun.  I would love to see  some fluffy items besides just the paint.  Maybe some paintings or something that depict DDO events that can be hung in the cabin, or some pots of flowers.  I don't know, it needed a little oomph :)

If you haven't had a chance to delve into the guild airships, take a look at DDO wiki's write up.  It's pretty accurate, although it needs to have the live prices adjusted.

We managed to get some decent itemson board.  I am just smashing in some pictures below.  Super excited to learn more about how all of this works.  I am hoping there will be further improvements to the system.

In further celebration, I am re-embedding Wandering Monster's parody of "I'm on a boat!"  Enjoy :)

DDOcast 193 is up.  Give a listen as they discuss Update 8, the Mabar Ban hammer and Sig talking FOREVER in a crunchy language I don't understand!

DDOcocktail hour 35 is up as well.  Be sure to pay attention to the Bonus Content for more Drama Llama action!

I am off to grab some dinner and maybe clear off my DVR.  Who knows, maybe I will get some gaming time.