Summer's ending with Free to play


I've had a busy summer.  So many games, so little time.   I can feel the fall nip in the air here at the beach at last.  I am so grateful.  As I type out this blog, I have all the windows in my house thrown open to welcome the breeze. Mostly what I've been up to is Everquest II while huddled under the fan blades escaping the sweltering heat.  I'd been avoiding Everquest.  I didn't want to jump back into that world.  I lived it for 5 years in the original incarnation, lovingly referred to as Evercrack.  The hubby had picked up the box a half dozen times in our trips to my favorite electronics store, and I finally just picked up a couple of boxes.  I've spent 126 hours in the game so far, and I like it.  There are many reason's.

The biggest one being the way Sony chose to handle Free to play.  We'd signed up for the game on the subscription servers shortly after the announcement EQ2 would be free to play under the banner Everquest II Extended.  I knew from having read articles, Sony was creating Free to Play servers.  The subscription servers would be left mostly untouched.  Free to Play would be relegated to a seperate realms, and the character transfers would not be available between the subcription and Free to play servers.

After being hooked on LOTRO for months, Turbine's decision to move towards the free to play model left me desolate.  I began to notice I wasn't logging in as much, and my enjoyment seemed tarnished.  When I worked on deeds or towards a crafting goal, I wondered whether I was wasting my time since in a few months I would just buy the horse, potion or decorative item through the LOTRO store.

LOTRO launched F2P this past Friday.  I am sure it will bring a crop of new players to the beautiful Tolkien  world.  I still log into the game from time to time.  Mostly, to pay the rent on my house I spent hours painstakingly decorating.  I am in hopes I will find the drive to play again.  The DDOcast build guild has been created on the Vilya Server.  They revived my love for DDO, perhaps they will be the prescription I need to kindle new fire for LOTRO.

In the meantime, I am meandering Norrath.  EQ2 takes place 500 years after Everquest.  The geography is familiar, but not.  Graphically, I like it.  It doesn't have the same eye goggling landscapes of LOTRO or DDO, but it satisfies for now.  It's a more complicated game, and I have sometimes logged off wondering if I need a degree to play it.  I am having fun, and for now I feel safe knowing the game I am playing is not going to be changed significantly in the future.

I like that.  I need that.  I am grateful for that.


P.S.  I hear from the EU DDO players they still don't have a date on when they will have their transfers to the newly named Global DDO.  Opps I meant to say transfers to Ghallanda, since that is where they are being ported.  Not much "Global" about it atm.  This is one time when I wish I hadn't been right.  I am saddened.  It's been almost  month since Codemaster's shut down the EU servers.  I am desperately hoping something is done soon before they all find something else to do and abandon a game they have come to love.  This strange silence must end.