DDO Europe... poor sods

Turbine and Codemaster's made the long awaited announcement concerning the future of DDO Europe this week. To read the announcement from Codemaster's go here.  To read the FAQ up over at Turbine go here.

I am beyond upset about how all of this was handled.  We've all been trying to figure out what the hold up was over there in Europe.  It appears Codemaster's either couldn't or wouldn't negotiate a new deal to handle the DDO Eberron content.

What does this mean for players from Europe who hadn't already made the move to our servers?  They will no longer be able to log into the European servers as of August 20th.  Supposedly, a free transfer service will be offered to them at some point as well as a token of good faith, 5000 Turbine points.  I sure hope Turbine gets the server transfers going before the 20th.

The following question on the FAQ shows how little Turbine seemed prepared for this move.

If our characters are transferred to the global service, will it just be the characters or all of their items and equipment as well?

We will provide more information at a later date on www.ddo.com regarding the details of the transfer of character data.

EKKKKKKKK!!! I don't know about you, but if I had 4 years worth of gear and banks, I would be cringing at this answer. I know Codemasters offered some unique items that were not part of the database here stateside, but I sure am praying they can work out the kinks and move everything they can over for the everyone.

Turbine mentions the phrase "Global Service" several times.  I am not sure how they are defining "Global."  I am assuming they are perhaps going to have servers in Europe?  Atm, I don't know of any over there.  I do know they mentioned in the announcement that French and German languages would be in beta by the end of the year.  If they are using my calendar, that's 5 months...>.<

I am pretty heartsick over this. I think the paying customers of DDO Europe got bent over and screwed. I found the whole announcement skimpy on details and overall it gave little to the players other than a ton of frustrated stress over what was happening with their accounts.  Maybe this speaks to Turbine getting caught with their pants down, but if they were given advance notice on this, EPIC FAIL!!!

If this was happening to me after the back and forth of the past year, I would be beyond ticked off.

It's not new in the world of gaming. Take overs, server merges, and game shut downs have been happening more and more. I am just sorry that Turbine's name happened to be all over this one. While I have not always agreed with their style of communication, I haven't ever seen them act this bad since the entire Free to Play fiasco that ended up being painfully dragged out for a year.

Shame on you...just shame, shame, shame. :(

I am interested in hearing any opinions from the European players and from anyone else.  So let me know what you think, here or on twitter.

In other news, I finally finished Dragonage: Awakenings tonight.  I am terribly behind the times, but I am slowly finishing off my mammoth library of games.  I will try and write more of my impression's on it later.

Game On!!!