Wardrobes, Pirates and Naughty Cheese

I've been playing tons of LOTRO lately.  Maybe it's the impending shadow of the changes coming to game, or perhaps its just that I am having a blast. I won enough items on my Runekeeper to dress her as a pirate.  Argggg!!!  The costume's in LOTRO are simply stupendous, and I have a mule holding a ton of outfits.

One really fantastic feature coming with the f2p announcement is the wardrobe system.  It's sorely needed.  Inventory space is at a premium in LOTRO.  Between all the crafting supplies, special end reward items, gear, costumes and decorations, its just really hard to keep everything.

Wardrobe is a special storage for your cosmetic items. That way they don't take up inventory, bank, vault, or housing storage. [Sapience] It's expandable to 50 slots, much like shared storage, in 10-slot increments. It's account level, so you buy it once and each character will have their own wardrobe.[Patience] It is 20 storage slots that holds cosmetic items. There are several things you can do with the items once in storage and some very cool tricks it can do, but you'll need to wait for the dev diary for the full details. [Sapience]

(quote from Lotro Life)

I can't wait for this in game.  I figure I will put my wardrobe on my mini first since she has attained lvl 42 and will have the most slots available.  W00t!!!  Inventory space on the way :)

I've made a hunter.  Totally soloable.  She's someone I can play when the hubby is off being Navyish.  I don't have to worry about taking a tour of rez circles (I kinda did on my mini).  She just doesn't get herself killed.  Her gear is better now that I have leveled several of the craft skills on other characters, and she has impeccable skills.  I'm only in my 20's with her, but so far she's displayed the greatest survivability of the character's I've made.

And lastly, I couldn't help myself.  I had to eat the cheese.


This cheese can be found in the rep dungeon over in the barrow's, but over the Father's Day weekend, Turbine offered it up on a lottery.  I will not speak to the unresolved angst some employee up in Boston harbors with their daddy, but I will say I entered that lottery every time it popped on my screen.

Upon consuming this rather bad tasting bree cheese, you begin to slowly die.  The effect lasts for 20 minutes.  It's possible to heal or regen your way through it, but my little mini was so shocked by the after taste she keeled over in less than 30 seconds.


The gods explained I had been rather unwise.

I giggled myself silly when I did this.  I'd heard the guild chatter about it, and couldn't stop myself from earning the title.


I don't normally show a title on my mini.  It has to be something special before I will run around with some sort of pronouncement stamped over my head.  How could I resist Rowanheal, The Unwise???

Game on!!!