Players Handbook plays Update 5 and Summer Festival odds and ends

Our static group logged into DDO with great excitement tonight.  Dreams of airships and fun new quests had us all logging in as soon as we could to get the party started. The hotfix Turbine applied today seems to have gone off without a hitch.  With every launch there seems to be a fewer bugs, but this one had everyone in a lather thanks to Guild renown being down.  I kept my fingers crossed all day and thankfully, it was fixed.

We ran through 3 of the new quests.    I think Party crashers is probably a wee tad over the lvl it states,and omg is it long.  Kinda fun, except for all the dickering about in different zones.  The one in the bar was long as well and had a bunch of jumping over buildings and through tunnels.  I am not sure who thought it was a great idea to make quests longer by adding in mazeish dungeons, but gee thanks for making me want to bang my head on my desk... oh and for the large glass of wine I finally poured to put myself out of misery.   The one with brawnpits made me giggle.  The brothers Grimm were simply funny as heck.  Plus, who really wants to teach a guy in a loin cloth to be an actor???

We were all a little curious about the Guild renown.  We managed to make it to level 3 running the 3 quests we did under level.  It's a 6 person guild.  We are probably never going to see Guild Level 100, but it didn't stop the end rewards from offering us guild minimum level 70 gear.  I could rant on that for days.  I think its a silly thing to have added.  In general, I think the way guild housing has been handled is really disgusting.  It's already begun to polarize the community.  I have no idea what the landscape is going to look like once it's over, but I feel sorry for all of us small guilds.

I found the lag no better or worse than usual.  I was kicked out of game once and had dps lag in a quest.  I am hoping I am the only one.

They finally put mounts in the game...JUST KIDDING!!!  Hellmy, our drunken dwarf, did find a way to ride an animal ingame though.


I made him stay there long enough for me to get a screenshot.

The summer festival started in LOTRO today.  I am still trying to figure it all out.  Seems there is alot of fishing in this one.  Guess I will be a master angler by the time the festival is over.

Before I forget, there is an excellent guide to the Summer Festival over at A Casual Stroll to Mordor.

On the bad side, the outfits are bind on acquire, which means I am going to have to grind them out on all of my characters.  I like wearing the outfits.  This has me pretty steamed.  In past festivals, the outfits were no bound per character.  Which meant I only had to earn them and store them on one toon.  Egads, I just don't know if this makes the festival fun anymore.

I am posting a video below someone put together ot show off the new festival mount.  OMG, isn't she pretty?  I must must must have one of my own...or 3 or 4.

Anyways, as I am typing this I am riding to my next fishing hole in Thorin's hall.  :D

Game on!!!