Being invisible

I rounded out my gaming weekend with more LOTRO.  I only squeezed a few hours in on Sunday, but I still pounded through some of the book quests.  They are always very very fun, and I enjoy seeing the story play out on the screen with my character making decisions. My hobbit mini finally got another of her race deeds completed.  My mini earned the deed to feign death for thirty seconds.  Once I realized I had it, I ran back to a town to visit the bard and slot it.  I couldn't wait to try it out.

Zeff joined me on my book adventure yesterday.  Most of the time we have little issue with the book content.  Every once in a while though, a set of quests come up that are truly challenging.  We found ourselves sneaking into caves to fight elite trolls.  They were several levels above us, but we both had an inspiration buff that gave us heightened hit points and mana.  As long as we took them on one at a time, everything was fine.  I would stand back and heal him while he killed the mean trolls.

There is a problem with trolls though.  They like to kick, and I found myself launched in the air.  Unfortunately, one of these kicks landed me at the feet of two more trolls.  I ran back toward Zeff screaming my head off.  He didn't think he could handle all three trolls.  Especially if I had had the aggro of two of them.  I just didn't have the hit points to handle that even with the mega boost from the buff.  I hit the feign death button and fell over dead.  Cackling, I yelled at the hubby I was dead and wished him luck.  He said a few bad words, and went back to killing the trolls.  His guardian is a beast and managed to kill them off after a few tense minutes.

I can't wait to find more trouble to get into and fall over dead.  It's just fabulous fun :D

I have been using every opportunity possible to ride my new blue roan horse.  Unfortunately, my horse like to play tricks on me.  The picture at the beginning of this article shows horsie has a habit of going invisible.  I must look hysterical riding across Middle Earth my horse playing tricks on me.

Basically, I had a blissful weekend gaming.  I have a long week ahead, and I am glad I had a chance to be a slug and enjoy myself.


Odd and Ends

DDOcast episode 166 is out and ready for your listening pleasure.  Jerry highlighted an article from my site last week. Pretty Cool!!!

DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 12 is also out.  This has to be one of their best shows yet.  It's completely hysterical!

I've also inserted below the DDO commercial.  I'm late in doing this, but someone sent me an e-mail about it.  My opinion?  I am thrilled that the commercial is out on the TV waves.  While I find it a wee tad underwhelming, I am still really happy to see DDO advertising in a big way.

I'm going to go fall into bed.