I won a horse and DDO Cocktail Hour!!!

I've been dutifully entering the LOTRO lotteries for days trying to win a Spring Steed.  I put off buying a horse on both of my girls hoping I would win one.  I know, I am cheap huh!  I just couldn't help myself.  The horse is free, pretty and exactly what I need at the moment to get from point A to point B in style! Zeff has won three, count them, three horsie's so far.

FINALLY Sunday night, I won.

*giggles with glee*

I immediately switched characters in game to claim my steed.  I also made the decision that since I had won a horse, I could use some of the gold I have been saving up and buy a bigger house.  My girls we feeling a little cramped in their little hobbit hole, and the sharing of bathrooms had become dissolved into a cat fight last Saturday.  It was time to upgrade.


I went shopping.  Perhaps its my years in the mortgage business, but I am all about looking around.  Not to mention location, location, location.  I visited several neighborhoods, looked at the neighbors houses and yards.  I dislike it when you have neighbors who let the grass grow too tall or don't trim their hobbit hedge.  After a few minutes, I found a bigger house just down the street from my old one.  I took a tour, liked the neighbors, and signed the paperwork.

Isn't it beautiful?

In other news, I was a guest this week on DDO Cocktail hour with Lessah and Samius.  The title of the episode was "Doing it with Rowanheal...THINK PINK'"  I had a blast recording the show.  Listen at your own peril.  An entire bottle of wine was imbibed while I was a guest :D

In honor of me being on the show, they turned the banner on their site PINK for the week.  I totally agree with Lessah's sign "Pink is the new black", and I think Pink is definitely on Samius's color wheel!!!


Update 4 is live for DDO.  I know there were a few issues.  A hotfix seems to have been applied this morning, and it looks like everything is working as intended.  I say as intended because there has been quite the fuss about Epic tokens in the new Epic dungeon's.  It is my understanding that there are no epic tokens dropping.  I say lamesauce, but that's just me.

The guys over at Massively are looking for a few players to join them in their Nights in Eberron.  They play on Cannith at 9pm EST.  Add Syp and Rubialina to your friends list, and join them this week on Korthos Island after the tutorial.

I am off to cobble together some projects before static group tonight.  We plan on hitting the zombie pirates quests, and then maybe squeezing in another try at the Reaver.  WIsh us luck!