I rolled a one on Update 4

Update 4 came to DDO this week. My static group decided to try them out even though we were way above level. The story line is fabulous. It's pirate zombies. Absolutely cool.

If you want a more fullish look at Update 4, take a look at the video Jerry over at DDOcast made as a preview.

I am just going to hit the highlights.

This first picture is of a bug. A pirate hat that kept swinging in the wind of the underground tunnels long after the wearer of said hat had passed into the next life. I love these bugs. It isn't game breaking, and really just darn funny.

Over all, I will give this new set of adventures a big thumbs up. I enjoyed the flow of the storyline, the excellent graphics, and I have a thing pirates.

Let me also say, I am super thrilled that Turbine found a use for Searing Heights. I will also mention that I think the use of signs in an open area to post the way to a new quest is simply stupid. *rolls her eyes* It completely breaks with any kind of immersion as you are lead by the nose to the quest. Geez thanks for treating me like an idiot.

My eyes were stunned at the quality of the graphics in the new quests.


Look at that beautiful pirate ship. You walk around a corner and there it is.

Across from the ship, as if as a warning to those who would trespass, is a nasty looking round metal cage.


I remarked to our group that I would do whatever it takes to make sure I didn't end up a prisoner in that thing...including leaving them all to die and running for an exit :D

Up on top of the pirate ship I found a huge throne.


After dispatching all of the bad zombie pirate men, I sat down with the pirate flag above my head contemplating changing careers. The pirates had a huge dragon like stash of gold. It obviously pays well to be a pirate. Plus, we'd taken over their ship. I look good on a throne darn it!!!

Perhaps the funniest moment in the new quests was when the general appeared. This screenshot isn't as good as I would like, but we killed him too quickly.


That's right people. A kobold is riding a minotaur. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We had a madmax/transformers kinda moment in Static Group and we were all cracking up. It's these fun moments that keep me coming back to the game. Turbine has plenty of fabulous surprises up their sleeve.

There is one quest I will never run again. EVER!!! It involved a series of jumps via levers you would use to aim steam jets so you could SOMEHOW accurately aim yourself at a little bitty pipe. If I want to feel frustrated, I can run the pit or coalescence chamber or fall down into the lava pit of pipes in the von 4 (which they nerfed the heck out of and put a bridge over... lamesauce).

My girlfriend, who is perhaps the most cheerful person I know, actually cussed... out loud... over her mike... In over three years of playing with her, I can say that it is practically unheard of. By the time this quest was over, I spent almost 20 minutes getting her over pipes so she could loot the last chest to see if she had a sigil in it. She didn't. Turbine can kiss my rear end on this one. Shove that pit "light" garbage where the sun doesn't shine baby.

With this one exception, I had a blast helping House Deneith out with their little pirate problem. There was some conversation about whether or not the houses were terribly trustworthy amongst our group. The source books note the underhandedness of each of the houses. Perhaps I should feel a little dirty.

Then again, they gave me a choice between some fabulous end rewards I can continue to upgrade as my sorcerer grows up. I don't think I completely trust them, but they give good loot.

In other news, I have been playing a ton of Final Fantasy 13. I have been playing it so much that when the hubby sent me a text today he suggested I should put the controller down and pause the game before I wrote him back. How did he know I was playing? *feels paranoid* I bet he has hidden cameras in the house.

Of course, it could simply be that I have been playing with every spare minute of my day. Every night he has been able to come home, he walks in to find me sitting on the couch with the game on. He kisses me hello and I say "Let me find a save crystal." He laughs and walks away shaking his head.

Hey, don't look at me like that. He knew I was a gamer when he married me :D

I upgraded lightning's weapon today. I am still wondering if I choose the right one to upgrade. I stuck with the Blazefire saber. I know the Axisblade is awesome and the Lionheart is fabulous. I am only sitting at a stage two of the upgrade. I think in the end probably the Axis blade will be what I use for my Omega Weapon.


Have I mentioned I am addicted? I am so into this story I actually considered buying a Lightning figurine from square enix.

Ok, I'm off to play a few more hours before I pass out.