Crysis...on a laptop?

I got a new laptop.  At last.  I have been keeping my eye on one for the longest time.  Months.  It had gotten to the point that the hubby was tired of my hemming and hawing.  So, since I had diligently saved the dough, I went for it. I read review after review.   I am linking the one I bought here. I am quite excited.  I loaded LOTRO onto it last night and it runs beautifully.  I was actually shocked by how well it ran on my wireless network!!!

It feels like the little machine that could.

I decided to give it a true work out.  I went over and picked up Crysis.  I knew on high settings the thing was a graphic's card and processor hog.  Plus, I have been wanting to see if I could actually survive the game.  It's only supposed to be 10 hours long, but I figure with my inept n00bness it will take me 40 to actually see the ending :D

I just spent 4 hours playing Crysis on my laptop.  Seriously, it runs like a dream.  No hitching, framerate is decent, cinematic's are if only I could be a better shot?

The game is ancient.  It several years old.  I am way way way behind on this one.  Quite frankly, I can't believe I bought it.  I am not sure I am getting better at shooters.  In my first few hours of Crysis, I found myself hiding behind a lot of trees and bushes and make mad dashes for check points :D  Hey, its not how you play the game, it whether or not you win, right?

I have to say though, I am wondering what all the bragging was about in Crysis.  It's not...all that???  I mean I had just as much fun and frustration with Borderlands.  Ok, so the environment seems to be completely interactive.  I can shot, punch, blow up any number of items surronding me.  I am not sure why I want to, but it probably really cool that I can.  The AI is a wee tad not so smart.  It's not horrible, but it certainly not the best I've seen.  The story is ok.

So yes, I am having a good time with it, but I remain befuddled by what all the hype was about?  What am I missing?

*shrugs*  I am sure I will be bedazzled once I get to some of the more meaty content.  I say I played 4 hours.  It doesn't mean it was 4 hours of story continuation.  I might have maybe sorta died a whole heck of a lot and found my self re-spawning a whole bunch :D

I am thinking that since I have the ability to distract myself while anywhere in my house now, I should load up DDO on this thing.  Maybe I will be convinced to actually give the ice games another go.  Or maybe I will simply take a few hours to sort through the huge collectible bag I haven't touched for 9 lvls :)  All that running around could take an entire afternoon.

Anyways, I am off to watch TV on my laptop.  I can hulu to my heart's content while laying in bed recovering from my shooting frenzy.