A quest gone wrong

Our static group met up tonight.  It took some work.  With my sailor often busy being Navyish, our bardish paladin always on the road and a case of being on death's door for our dwarf, it seemed like a miracle when we all managed to meet in the same time, same place for another round of DDO goodness. We decided to run one of the flagging quests out in the plane of yuck.  I say yuck because I truly never cottoned to any of the quests out there.  They always seemed to be a little resource heavy to me, but then I don't like when there are uber saves for insta-death spells.  Takes all the fun out of it for me LOL!

We took off and entered the Iron Maw.  Most of our party had never run the quest, or had only been inside once or twice, so it we all knew it was gonna be tough.  My sorc bought extra heal wands for our cleric, and we all made sure to have enough pots and bolts and arrows and such.

We started out ok.  We had the odd death here and there.  Nothing out of the ordinary for us.

About thirty minutes in, I began to notice a trend.  Our health bars were continually empty, and we didn't seem to be doing a whole heck of a lot of damage to the bad guys.

It got worse.

Our first party wipe wasn't all that surprising.  If often happens to us, and usually we slow down and tackle the content with a more tactical view towards completion.  Around party wipe three, and well into the second hour in the grips of a game of upstairs downstairs, we were feeling pretty frustrated.

Around hour three we just got the giggles.  It was a complete clusterf%$#.  We'd had more wipes than we could count and were beginning to notice our death counter was not all that far off from the monster's killed count.

Our sharp shooting rogue had a serious case of the laughter as we would complete one of the objectives just to be met with another.  It became ludicrous, and we all started cutting up and making jokes.  There are just some of the quests in DDO that seem to be predicated on the idea there is always a bigger carrot.  Open door A leads to finding monster B who needs killing before you can Find key C which opens another level and so on and so forth ad nauseum.  It's not that this was a bad quest, its just that it was a bad quest for us.

Around the 6th or 7th party wipe, almost all of us were naked.  We found a chest and praised the loot gods for giving us new clothes.  Our Fighter and ranger were trading out for different weapons, our cleric was running out of wands, and we weren't sure if we were any closer to getting to the end of the quest.

Around midnight we gave up.  The fun had very worn off as had every piece of gear we could scrounge up between us including our second set of clothes.  We got close to the end of the quest, but we simply too tired, and out of motivation to keep going.

It was a super night though.  We all had a chance to tackle the impossible, and while the devils won, we hope to go back and give them the smack down they deserve when we are better prepared.

We run into quests like this along the way.  One's that are just a little out of our reach.  We still aren't very well outfitted.  My sorc is wearing one plus  5 stat item and a handful of plus 4 stuff.  We don't have any greensteel as we haven't tried to six man a shroud.  Sometimes things aren't going to work out like they do on our main characters.  To be honest, that's half the adventure.  We have to out think things, try hilarious tactical solutions and sometimes we just don't make the grade.

I love it.

The first screen shot on this article is out kill count... I mean death count.  We tapped out at 104!!!  It kinda became a game in and of itself.  I have never been in a quest with a 100 plus deaths! LOL

The screenshot below is of my repair bill.  It was 42,000 gold.  ROFLMAO


I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into next week.  I think we will probably have to run something to make some cash.  We are all out of wands and health pots :)