I used the DDO store...

DDO Store image

Rowan finally used the DDO Store today. I still feel a wee tad bad about it. Like it was cheating. I've been hearing how much fun the DDOcast Build Guild has been having in DDO on Sunday's. A few of the players bugged me here and there to participate. It's been in the back of my mind, but I finally decided to take the plunge.

They are playing on the Orien server. I didn't have an character's over there. I had yet to touch it as a server.

With the guild being way ahead of me level-wise, I figured this was a great chance to check out Veteran Status. I also wanted a 32 point monk.

It took me a few tries in the character creation screen to get the 32 point build thing figured out. I knew this was going to mean a trip to the DDO Store. It's been over a year and this is the first time I'm messing with it.

You would think logically if you didn't have a 32 point build character and you wanted to make one, it would be on the skills page as an option. It's not. I should have known better. Turbine doesn't always do things "intuitive." I mean I thought since I didn't have the favor for a Drow and they have a big fat "Buy me now" button (which btw is hideous) on the Character race selection screen, I could infer the upgrade I needed would be available when I got to the skills screen.

After hunting around for 5 or 10 minutes, I gave up on it and just hit the "buy an additional character slot" button. I found this a little funny and chuckled, since as I was pressing the button, I had no character on the server at all and 10 empty slots.

I purchased the 32 point build across all server's. It didn't feel awful. Because I haven't used the store at all it's not like I was going to run out of Turbine points and spend real cash. I have a few saved up *winks*

I hadn't read a thing about Veteran Status. I knew it existed, just wasn't quite sure how it worked.

I made my first monk and went over to Korthos Island. I talked to Jeets, who is quite cheeky these days, and went through the tutorial. As an aside, there is a way to skip the tutorial right? I haven't found it, but it's been so long since I've rolled a character *shrugs*

I kept thinking there was going to be an option to skip to level 4. After killing all those worthless sahaugin, I ran out through snowy Korthos to find the First Mate. I knew I could skip Korthos and be dropped back in the harbor. I assumed this was also where the option for Veteran Status existed.

It's not.

Frustrated, and having wasted 45 minutes figuring out how to build a 32 point monk, I logged out to check the compendium. Have I mentioned how useless I find this feature? If you really want information on the game, hit up the DDO wiki. It's beautiful, simple and so much easier to navigate.

After googling, I found a really well written Developer Diary explaining the ins and outs of utilizing Veteran's Status. Turns out you need to log into a Level 4 character who already exists in the harbor and *hear my screams*,if you want to have Veteran Status on a server where you do not have 1000 favor, you need to buy it from the store.

About this point it's getting close to lunch. I am beginning to feel the low hum of headache behind my eyes. I want to play, or at least, I want to support my friends and check out their new venture. Probably.

I went for another cup of coffee and decided to go for broke. I'd already used the store. I might as well continue my fall into the abyss.

I logged onto my static group character on Ghallanda and hit buy.

Blowing out a breath, I re-logged into the game on Orien. I deleted my monk and remade her. 32 points, Veteran's Status. After 2 hours, I'd accomplished my goal.

I entered the world, did my level up on the voyage and was plunked into the harbor with crap gear and dead broke. Welcome to the world of buy now.

I played about 4 or so hours today. Within the first hour I realized the biggest downfall to the "instant" button, you don't have a blessed clue what your build can do.

My new monk had 2 toolbars worth of "skills." I hadn't the foggiest what to do with them for this build. I hadn't a copper to my name to buy a repair pot, hat or even a hireling.

By the end of hour 4, my headache had grown to a monster. Learning to play a character, discovering the good and bad points of a build, and trying to accomplish experience doesn't mesh well. My monk had died more than any other newbie I've ever built. Her "specials" seem dismal. She's still using the starter handwraps she got in the harbor. Handwraps seem to be few and far between. Surprised me. Monks have been in the game 2 years now? What gives?

I won't be using this option again. Not to make a build I am unsure of. I will say it explains a lot of the issues I saw in the pugs I participated in this afternoon. If you haven't earned the xp, you don't know what you can and can't do. You die, make stupid agro assumptions, and are a drain on your party.

According to myddo, I have built 26 characters who still exist. 15 of them are approaching or are capped. It isn't my level of experience in character building, knowledge of the game, nor my ability to manipulate and mash the multitude of buttons required to be actively involved in a quest.

It's the instant button.

I feel dirty. I am going to go soak in a hot bath and consider my sins.