Stick a fork in me...

And we are LIVE baby!!! I have been mulling over moving my blog for a coon's age.  I've hemmed and hawed, wondered at the trouble, cost, and time commitments, but the bug bit me a week ago.  I couldn't shake it.

Blogger has been a wonderful home.  I will miss it.  I just needed a place with a little more customization.  A few more options, the right to own my own content, actual real media integration and the chance to play around with something new.

I've gotten used to most of the Wordpress Dashboard thanks to Myddo and Mylotro.  I felt it was something I could get used to and maybe even come to enjoy.

Listen, it's 5 AM... and I have been coding, importing, changing labels to category's, moving permalinks, redirecting traffic and otherwise losing my mind over the weekend.

There is still a bunch of stuff I would like to see done on the site, but for now go take a look and see what you think.

It's cleaner, has a double tabbed interface, the front page has mini posts, recent videos and a featured article spot.

I think it's kinda nifty :)

*falls over from exhaustion*