Star Trek Online *facepalm*

After much groveling, I finally convinced my other half to sign onto Star Trek Online and spend a few hours killing Klingon's with me :) The Collector edition's had been sitting on our respective desks since Wednesday staring at us, begging to be used.

While I was messing around the forums and such, he went ahead and set up his account. Everything went smoothly. Oh, and for those wondering, yes they are offering a lifetime sub which has been raised $50.00 from the before launch price to top out at $299.99 bucks(for those wondering, that means if you paid 14.99 a month for 20.01267511 months you'd have spent $299.)

I'll get right on that >.< href="">LOTRO to "check his mail" *coughs bull#&^%*, the game came back up.

He's already a little cranky about STO, but he agrees to log in. I started praying to every god I could think of things would go well.

We played an hour or so. He's made a character with huge breasts and subsequently changed his mind (could it have been the looks I was giving him from across the room?), customized his ship, explored and such. I begin to think he's maybe getting the bug.

Our second mission we're chasing down the evil guy who killed the Vulcan ambassador when we get disconnected from the server.

Trying not to panic, I tried to immediately sign back in. We both get back into the star map only to not be able to access any missions in our log, much less the one we had just been kicked from.

Frustrated beyond belief at this point, I logged back onto the forums and see the red dot telling me the server is down again.

That was an hour ago.

I couldn't think of anything else to say. He's back in LOTRO, I am considering playing some more Mass Effect 2.

I don't know when I will be able to convince him to go back *big sigh*