Patch day woes and STO Launch

Update 3 hit DDO today and it's been nothing but buggy. Even Turbine has announced they will be doing a hot fix on Thursday to work it out. As I type this, my static group is stuck in one of the new quests that is bugged :( I officially took one of my DDO accounts free to play today. I was doing a game inventory and realized with STO I would have 3 MMO's I was trying to play and pay for. Which to my mind is simply ridiculous. I don't have that many hours in day.

So, I am going to take my static group account free to play and see how this works for me. Then the hubby will get an idea of costs per account to buy the adventure packs and we'll make a decision on the other 3 accounts we currently pay for.

I am sad to be making this choice, but it is what it is.

I participated in the anniversary ice skating event toni

ght in DDO. It's fun for about 5 minutes and then its bloody annoying. *shrugs* I am glad for fun things to pass the time with. Maybe I am simply snarky tonight.

They have done some aesthetic changes to some of the game elements. I caught sight of the bank in the marketplace and went huh? Whose idea was it to put ugly mosaic tile all over the outside of the thing? *ponders*

STO launched yesterday. I would love to tell you about it except I haven't played it at all. I went and picked up our Collector's edition boxes tonight. We ohhhed and awwwed, but otherwise we neither had the desire to immediately log in. In future, I think we will skip open beta's. They sour our perspective prematurely.

I am off to bed. A GM never responded to our ticket, so bleh. We'll just repeat the quest next week I guess.