DDO's 4th anniversary

A patch to update 1 went live today.  It had quite a few changes which you can see a complete list of on DDOcast.com. Our static group had to switch nights this week due to unforeseen circumstances, so it gave us a chance to check out the new 4th Anniversary game.

Celebrating 4 Years of DDO

We're kicking off the festivities for DDO's 4th Birthday, starting with a special scavenger hunt event! By finding hidden decorative eggs in the Marketplace, you can get a prize, and the more eggs you find, the better the prize! To learn more about the event, click here! Additionally, check out the following special activities related to the Scavenger Hunt for DDO's 4th Birthday!

  • All characters created prior to February 18th, 2010 will receive Tokens of the Traveler that can be used to participate in the Traveler's Scavenger Hunt.
    • Free player characters will receive 5 tokens
    • Premium player characters will receive 10 tokens
    • VIP characters will receive 15 tokens
    • Additional tokens can be purchased in the DDO Store!
    • All characters created prior to February 18th, 2010 - regardless of account type - will receive a Blessing of the Traveler. This special item can be redeemed after a successful run of the scavenger hunt for rare prizes! Speak with the NPC Taj in the Marketplace after completing your egg hunt to redeem your Blessing. If you miss the event or do not wish to play the scavenger hunt, Taj will also offer you a somewhat less exciting prize in exchange for your Blessing at any time.
      • Additional Blessings of the Traveler can be purchased in the DDO Store!
  • In honor of DDO's 4th Birthday, redeeming a Blessing of the Traveler with Taj after an egg hunt gives a chance to receive Hearts of Wood!
  • I logged on and the gang told me how to get started.

    I met them in the market place and looked in my inventory and saw two new items.

    Blessing thingy
    Blessing thingy
    Easter Tokens
    Easter Tokens

    I found the NPC Taj and started on my search for Different colored Easter eggs in the Marketplace.  Taj gives you special vision which makes the Eggs visible to you.  I tried it a couple of times and went to get my prize.  I got a shield and a Robe.  Nothing earthshattering, but it was fun to have something new to try out.

    It's not the best Anniversary event we've ever had, but its not the worst.  I don't see me logging on just to play the game, but its a time sink to use in between quests and groups to make a little coin.

    A player on the forums has put together a map of the best route as well as a youtube video.  FOr those interested, the map is below and I have embedded the vido at the bottom of this post.


    In other news, Lessah and Samius have started a spin off podcast.


    You can listen to the show HERE!

    I'm super excited about the spin off.  Can't wait to see where they take this!

    GAME ON!!!