A few changes and one ugly ship

I was going to do a write up of Bioshock 2 tonight. I finally finished the game yesterday. Things change. I asked a friend of mine to work on a new logo for my site. He also figured out a way to make it a more pleasing pink color. I know some of you logged on and wondered why the code was a ll of a sudden completely wonky :)

I am decidedly untechy. While I love my gadgets, my understanding of their inner workings are superficial at best. It's why I have brilliant friends :D

There are still a few more changes coming, I hope, if my friends don't abandon me after I turned into a puddle of mush with today's changes. I am thrilled to have the site FINALLY showing off it's pink hotness. Looking forward to getting a few more of the kinks worked out in the coming weeks.

In other news, I caught an article on Massively yesterday about Star Trek Online.  It featured the new Destiny class ship.  The stats on it are fairly impressive.


With the resources needed to chart distant star systems, deep space science vessels such as the Destiny class will lead Starfleet into a new era of exploration.

Boasting all of the advanced technology with an advanced warp core and expanded engineering facilities, the Destiny is ideal for either long solo missions or fleet support.



Fore weapon slots: 3 Aft weapon slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations:

Tactical: Lieutenant (1) Engineering: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1) Science: Lieutenant Commander (1), Commander (1) Total Available Powers: 12

Modification Slots:

Tactical: 2 Engineering: 3 Science: 4

Device Slots: 3

Crew Size: 500

Impulse Speed: 15

Turning Rate: 6

Quote taken from Zam.com

At first glance I am super excited about it. I then watched the video which I am inserting below. Watch and then let me know what the thing looks like. I'll give you a hint...I think of how to unwrinkle clothes when I look at this ship :)

I am off to finish a little crafting in LOTRO before I fall into bed. I won another lottery in LOTRO and discovered mail in my box when I logged in today. Now I feel like I need to make some money, and crafting seems to be the only way I make any these days.

More on my final thoughts of Bioshock 2 tomorrow.