TNT static group making 1750 favor

TNT, my static group in DDO, is about to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Holy Moly!

For three years our group had been meeting once a week to play DDO for 2 to 3 hours. Hellmy, Key, Ostrich and Row have been the steady 4. Three years... in an MMORPG static group. It boogles my mind.

We're all about lvl 17 now I think. To be honest, I can never remember. With our group the level hasn't actually been the goal.

We beat the dragon as the six of us. My husband joined us a while back and Steiner brought his paladin along a year ago. Taking down Velah felt like a victory to us. It took careful planning and some luck, but we beat her in April of 2009.

TNT after beating the Dragon.

At the moment we're flagged for the Titan and the Demon Queen, and we almost have enough relics to flag for the Tor. We still haven't messed around much in Shavarath. Honestly, most of us as still wearing plus 5 stat items, and while we are flagged for the shroud, I am not sure yet how we are going to pull it off.

This week, the Sorcerer I play got 1750 Favor. I was pretty darn proud of it. It's taken a long time to get here and there is still a ton to be done. I went and got my first tome and spent 10 minutes trying to decide which one to get. After deciding on Charisma, I ported out to my team so they could all watch me eat my tome!!! Nom Nom Nom

Playing with our rules of no auction house, using what we find in chests or on a vendor, sharing coin amongst ourselves and never giving up has lead to a heck of a lot of fun and some great friendships I can't imagine not having in my life.

We aren't using the DDO store, the sorcerer's haggle skill buys the cleric wands, UMD on the Sorc for heal wands is a must. We make decisions on spell slots as a group, and we go after all the chests in a dungeon no matter the danger!

So here's to TNT (which depending on our mood still has different meanings... I still like Trashy Neekid Tramps best myself)!!!

  • Keylet the rogue fires off her repeater like a machine gun, trap diva and our Experience hog!
  • Hellmut the ranger who seems to keep out of trouble and be the last one alive jumping after our stones and who has a habit of dancing like a drunken dwarf all over Stormreach
  • Rowanslash the fighter who dies valiantly trying to take all the agro on his fighter and who knows how to solve mazes, memorizes open maps and can navigate us like a GPS.
  • Osthryth the cleric who has decided implosion is the best spell ever made and uses it to kill everything in our path.
  • Rhaid the paladin who can raise the dead, smite things and has managed to get us through some tough spots.
  • Borgii the sorcerer who UMD's heal wands, loves firewall and generally dies A LOT!!!

Thank you guys for three years of fabulous fun! Here's to the next three :)

Game On!!!