Snow day

It's gorgeously white outside. Hey, I know a few of you you have this kind of wintery stuff all the time. I live on a beach. It's not normal :)

Like a kid, I shrugged into enough snow-like gear to rival the Michelin Man for girth. Camera in hand, I spent an hour wandering through the State Park behind my house and just enjoying the enthusiasm of the kids hoots and hollers, the crying of the babies who were wayyy too cold and the strange sight of people on ski's in a town known for surf boards!


Want to know the awesome thing about a snow day? I don't have to go anywhere and I can game as much as I want :)

Yesterday marked the opening of Star Trek Online's Headstart game launch. I really didn't WANT to patch my game and log on, but I figured I should. With some trepidation and whining over how I wanted to play Mass Effect 2, I got to it.

I made a Science officer. From the first screen I could tell the game has gotten a layer of gloss. It looks better, feels better, and the explanations of things are right where they should be.

I made Rowan who is the captain of the USS Sea Tiger (anyone know where that is from?) and logged in only to hear the Voice of Spock, the real one Leonard Nimoy, in my headset. :D

They have added a cool cinematic explaining where the universe is now and how star fleet fits in, why the klingons are at war with everyone and a jumping off place in the time line for how you are going to save the universe.

My biggest complaint when I was in open beta was the lack of continuity. I want story. It looks like Cryptic has added it and I am looking forward to going where no man has to gone before with my phasers on stun in the next 30 or so days to see if they succeed where many have failed before.

I didn't play very long. I had to get back to Mass Effect 2. I am totally hooked and I am hoping to get in many many hours of play this weekend.

Plus Bioshock 2 comes out on the 8th and I have it pre ordered, so well, there are only so many hours I can game. LOL

Jerry over at DDOcast put together this short Video from Mass Effect 2. I laughed and laughed. I find this hilarious :)

I am off to Mass Effect 2.

Game on!!!