New Year New games

Last year was full of changes, both personal and gaming wise. I am trying to look at what I want out of this year and finding I'd like like some quiet.

I have commented ad nauseum about my inability to handle change well. This winter I simply "checked out" of all of the new things and tried to recenter myself. The game I loved felt clunky, the USN had my husband gone more than he was home, and I felt at odds with my own agenda.

I won't say I am back on the wagon, but I feel a little more optomistic about the coming year:)

Gaming wise, I downloaded the Star Trek Online open beta and so far have played about 12 to 14 hours and am level 6. I have had some people write and ask what I think.


Honestly, I have an odd reaction. I am a HUGE Trekkie. I have the toys, games, dvd collection and so forth. Heck, there is a Pez display on my desk of the original Star Trek characters.

So many Star Trek games have been ho hum. I have been reading about, dreaming and hoping an MMORPG with the Star Trek IP would be delicious.

I am not saying I hate it. I don't. It's simply different.

Open beta is limited game experience. I will say I love the space combat. Ground combat equals weaksauce. The sector map for transitioning between star systems is lame atm, but it is my understanding that there have been tweaks to improve no only its functionality but its look in preparation for launch.

My biggest gripe so far is story. I actually LIKE a story. I am not a grind hog and sometimes when stepping away from the computer I ask myself what I accomplished in STO and I shrug.

It feels fabulous to go on the bridge of my ship and look around. My bridge officers are there and so forth, but its just me looking. I can't actually DO anything from my bridge and there is no other part of my own ship to look at.

I've tried taking some screen shots to share, but I can't seem to find where they are being saved on my computer :(

I want to like the game. I just don't know yet. I have a pre order and will definitely play the first 30 days and re evaluate.

So to all of you asking. I don't know yet is my official answer.

I am still playing DDO once a week with my static group. It's nice to have the built in fun of 2 plus years of friendship to try and play the game with. It's had such a major upheaval in the last year and it no longer has the feeling of familiarity I once enjoyed.

Sadly, I am not the only one. My husband hasn't logged into his account in over a month. My Xfire friends list shows everyone playing other things, from Everquest 2, Runes of Magic, Lotro, STO, Dragonage. and so forth. I rarely see anyone in DDO anymore.

I read the latest release notes and went HUH? They are adding in a casual setting to the game. I am not sure why in the world it would be needed. Dungeon scaling has taken most of the challenge out of the game if you are short manning something. Now it will be so easy you can sleep walk through an adventure. Just sad!

For me atm, its a once a week visit.

If you are looking for me in a game, I am in Lotro. Vilya Server. The hubby and I enjoy duoing the game when he is home. Otherwise, I solo or play with my guild, work on crafting, or leveling or book quests.

The hubby learned to cook :) He even makes his own fires and such. Just had to get a shot of that.

He killed a bear and got a special skin to make a trophy. He just HAS to have it in his new house. Well at least he has a place to put his animal trophies besides my walls, right?

I am off to go gathering some crafting do dads in Lotro. So far I am enjoying my reaffirmed sense of self.

Here's to a new year full of new possibilities!

Game On!!!