Did you buy your tickets?

Yuppers, it's that time of year. GENCON 2010 tickets went on sale today at noon.

Have you bought yours yet?

If you haven't, please be aware that housing opens on Tuesday :)


The hubby thinks he might actually be home. I have checked, and the tickets are refundable LOL, but my fingers are crossed. I have gone solo two years running. *prays to the gods* If he gets to go with me, I will consider it a belated honeymoon :)

*** Have you ever had one of those gaming moments where you just go DOH!!!

It was date night. Zeff and I logged into LOTRO for a romantic evening of monster slaying and loot whoring. What can I say? In this economy a date in an MMORPG is a nice way to spend time together doing something you both enjoy!

We've had this one quest for a while out in The Lonelands. Everyone tells me The Lonelands is not as bad as it used to be. I don't know what it was, but I know last night I almost crushed my mouse in a red haze of rage.

We had some quest to kill this guy out by the undead ruins. Yeah, those ruins. The one where the Master boss guy has an instant respawn which equals death.

It created a perfect storm of frustration in the both of us.

After death number 3, I asked if we could find something else to do. He agreed, which surprised me. He is a completionist. Leaving a quest behind simply isn't done in his world.

We decide we are going to go kill gloom waters.

We tried to run out to where they were shown on our map, but were quickly trounced by some elite novice mob jerk who dealt death number 4.

We decided maybe we should go back and kill that other guy just to get it over with.

With some false bravado, we valiantly fought our way back inside the seventh ring of undead Hell only to DIE again.

After death number 5, I maybe screamed loudly and slammed my mouse down rather hard. Saying "Screw it", I stormed off to make a smoothie.

A very wonderful guildie offered to come out and help us while I was downstairs cussing the uncooperative blender. Once he joined the party, he asked us over voice chat what we were trying to complete. We told him and he ran to meet us and join in on the death spree.


He ran in another direction than the one we had been in.

We pointed this out only to be told kindly that for 2 and half hours of deaths, we had been in the wrong place!!!


Since I had a smoothie, life had taken on a nice shade of delicious goodness and I could only laugh.

Quest was completed and we spent the next little while regaining silver to pay for our repair bill.


Game on!!!