I have been gaming all over the map.

Mostly, I have been in Lotro. Alot of fun, soloable, but still an MMO. I bought a house in the game the other day. I painted the walls pink, bought music to play, a little furniture and the house came with an extra "bank" chest with a storage capacity of 30 slots. It's a heck of a fun game to get addicted to.

I logged on the other day and the guild was watching a Christmas concert up by Thorin's Hall. I cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of watching the 6 bard, who were in matching dyed costumes, play all manner of Christmas songs.

While standing there, my guild leader was explaining to me how to use the costume system. He passed me over a few item, then told me to go stand over by one of the bards. I'd entered the costume contest!!! After a few rounds of voting, I tied for first place LOL!!!

I got Borderlands as a late Christmas gift, and have discovered I still suck at FPS's :) The hubby watched me play for about an hour and managed to cover his laughter. I have leveled a character to 12. It's been brutal, but I am enjoying the frustration, I think!

I would be playing and finishing Dragonage, but the hubby stole the controller and the game from me. He is at the end fight as I type. I am hoping the controller survives this fight... from the cursing and fussing floating upstairs to me, it might be touch and go.

Star Trek Online comes out in about a month. I have already reserved Collector's Editions for both the hubby and myself. We'll get headstart access and I will have my phasers on stun so soon I can taste it. Can't wait to see if this game can in anyway live up to all the hype.

To prove to the world what a gigantic geek/nerd/gaming diva I am, the hubby cleaned Toys R Us out of the new line of Star Trek toys. I have an Enterprise, Bridge model and a transporter room all set up on my books shelf in my living room. The ship lights up and has some speech. I randomly push the button as I move between the kitchen and the living room. It drives the puppy nutty. What can I say, I love to be evil :D DDO still gets played at least once a week with my static group. I am still having fun and enjoying it. Mostly I am a wee tad bored, but I am hoping to be back in the saddle early in 2010.

It's been a fantastic Holiday season so far. The puppy didn't destroy the tree, I enjoyed time with family and friends, and I am gaming like a mad woman. Who could ask for more?

This has been a year of firsts. All this change has often left me feeling on woobly feet with shifting sands throwing off my balance. I've made it through and can't wait to see what will come of 2010.

The puppy had a blast with Christmas paper and bows. She had cart blanche to tear things up, which for her beagle mind probably means she thought she died and went to heaven!!!

Game on!!!