Burn out

It happens about this time every year. I get a wee tad over zealous about my goals.

Christmas trees go up and my mood sours. It has nothing to do with the trees specifically, it has to with my innate need for introspection.

Coupled with my odd Grinch like behavior as the year winds down, comes a serious case of burn out.

The two go hand in hand.

Let me explain.

I am a goal maker, scheduler, avid planner, organizer... well ok, some might characterize me as a little OCD in my need to try and make things happen. I have lists for lists :)

Christmas trees signal the end of another goal making period. While I don't generally make New Year's resolutions, I do make a master list of goals. Financial, personal, business, and so forth.

During the already hectic holiday madness, I slip into thinking about my master list. There are always missed opportunities, things I thought would happen, goals not even close to being met.

As I ponder morosely my inability to be Superwoman, I generally feel a sense of burn out with my gaming. If I gamed less, I would accomplish more, right?

It's an ugly cycle.

To combat my over reaching need to dissect my life, I hatched what I thought was a brilliant solution this year.

It began with an article on Massively. Stop playing your favorite game.

Could it be so easy?

Next, I looked at my overfull holiday schedule and blocked out gaming session's. That's right, I am making gaming an appointment in my planner. Make fun if you must, but I abhor missing a meeting, so this gets me to sit down at a keyboard :)

I'm trying. I am in a break mode from DDO, my current MMO of choice. I've been playing Dragonage, and Lotro. The hubby has been playing Dragonage and Fallout. Each of us trying something new as we wait for the yearning to log into DDO to fire back up.

And just in case I need a little inspiration for the New Year, I got this fabulous e-mail from cryptic this morning.

*drools* Guess what pre-order I am getting for Christmas?

So far, Operation Burnout is keeping me gaming, just not playing what I thought I would be. I don't think it has anything to do with DDO content, Free to Play changes or anything else. It's just a season and will pass and I will come back to DDO after a few weeks off.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to trying new things, being open minded, and hoping I can squeeze a few more completed goals into 2009!