What I've been up to...

I don't have a whole lot to talk about. Life has been ticking a long at a pretty fast clip lately. How in blue blazes is it already mid-November?

One thing I love about this season, well besides the deliciously cool weather, is the proliferation of pumpkin objects. I love pumpkin candles, sprays and plug in, so I had to give myself a budget. Otherwise my cleaning closet would be overflowing and I would be broke LOL!
Game wise I have been busy in Dragon age. I know I know... stop staring at me. DDO is still fabulous and I love it and play at least once a week, but Dragon age is simple yumminess and I am, for the moment, completely hooked :)
I do have something to say though, I am not in love with the way every game seems to have some sort of "social" site. Just how connected am I supposed to be exactly?
I use myddo because I am at heart a DDO fanatic. I can't resist keeping in touch with all my gaming friends. I don't use it for Lotro, I play too sproadically and its simply not worth the headache. Now Bioware has a whole social site set up for Dragon age?
I have been looking at how connected I am lately and bemoaning the amount of work it takes to keep everyone in the "social loop."
I want one program that does it all, and for now I am trying out Digsby. It connects your social networks, IM's and various e-mail accounts in one smooth application. It takes some work to input everything, but after you are done, its all rather seamless.
Just to highlight the issues I speak of, when I am finished writing this blog, I am going to have to copy and past it into the blogging software over on MYDDO. If there is a way to get the MYDDO system to automatically bring this information in, without the need for my intervention, I have yet to find it. So it's another step I try to remember when I post blogs these days.
Here's a link to my Dragon Age info. That is supposed to work, but I hear it sometimes requires you to be logged in to see the info... kind of pointless really except I can use the site to look at my character when I am not in game. What in the world is it useful for except bragging rights?
Look, I'm not saying its a horrible thing, I am just asking how interconnected do I actually need to be?
Gaming wise, I utilize Xfire to keep up with my shennaigans, and on the Xbox I use their little program (which I have a link to on my blog.)
So someone explain to me why I need all this stuff? *bangs head on her desk*
And Xbox is adding in twitter and facebook functionality. WHY???
I'll stop complaining now LOL.
There is something to be said for simply unplugging, yes?
Mmmm... And don't forget to head over to DDOcast to hear this weeks episode :)
Ohhhh and while I am thinking about it, I am awfully glad I didn't log into DDO today. Maintenance seems to have been a wee tad wonky and everyone on Thelanis lost their guild? ROFLMAO... I shouldn't laugh, its had everyone in an uproar, but can I just say as oppsie's go this one was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :)
Game on!!!