DDO quest list updated... and DRAGONAGE ORIGINS

A quick drive by blog... Zeff worked on the quest list, and it should be current as of 11/1/2009. A reminder, if you have it as an RSS feed, you should have seen an update this morning :) If you have never taken a look at the list, you can do so by clicking on this following link. Rowanheal's Quest List

Look like DDO is getting a new server :) I saw the update on my twitter yesterday. Awesome news. I especially like that it is being open only to new players. It means for those of you who like to play untwinked, you can go over there and enjoy the challenge. I have no idea if I will venture over there or not. I dislike pugging...

And now onto my favorite news.

DRAGON AGE ORIGINS is finally here.

If you were unaware of the game, its the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2 and playable on the PC, XBOX 360 and PS3.

I personally ran my happy butt down an picked up my collectors edition yesterday. I will also admit to playing until my eyes were squinty and dry at about 1 am, and to waking up this morning to the mess of paper plates, water spills and two full ashtrays and going "Oh yeah, this is when I know I like a game!"

Good character development, excellent RPG elements, fully immersive storyline and overall I am simply loving it.

I'm putting in a video for it below. Watch it just for pleasure, or let it hook you in :D

One word of warning, DragonAge Origins is rated M for MATURE... please be aware when watching this video!