Wait just one minute...

I was looking for ideas for a segment (insert rant) to do tomorrow or Saturday. Turbine was feeling generous and gave me a whole list of things to work with *blows Turbine a kiss* If you're wondering where the list is, please follow the link here.

I would expound further, but don't want to steal my own thunder. You will simply have to listen to this weekends show.

Moving on... (forces herself to focus through the red haze)...

I have still not been able to run the new raid. Zeff got in on one run tonight, but since both of us only have clerics flagged atm, I sat it out. Didn't think it was fair to run 2 noob clerics in one run. Well that and my guild leader yells. I have a short temper. Didn't seem harmonious :D

I'm redoing one of my accounts as we speak. Still thinking of taking one of them free to play in the next few months. I have 6 of them to think about it since I was wrong about my billing date HA! My second account really has only one character that is played, my Sorc for static group. I figure I can back enough points in the next 6 months to take it completely free and not miss a thing.

Quest list is looking pretty complete and I think Zeff and I will put out the revisions on Saturday. If you have anything else to get to us, PM me on the forums, or e-mail me. BTW THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending in information, its been really helpful.

I've gotten my new inventory system under control. My mule is having a field day. A massive hug to all you plat laden folks over on Argo who are shopping the Auction House. You make me smile every time I log into my mule and see the little gold coins in my mail box :)

On another front entirely, the Navy has been busy putting out promos. I am pasting in the link to this great vid below. It's music and clips only, mostly historical navy stuff. Pretty darn cool.


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I am off to crawl in bed and watch some Star Trek Next Generation.