Survival of the fittest

I decided to roll a monk for my Permadeath character a couple of weeks ago. I guess I could only boycott them for a year :) I still don't have a pink belt on my female monk, but I have to admit, I am enjoying her. I don't know that most people notice, but I truly don't like playing melee characters. I don't know why, I just like support classes. Plus, there is something so satisfying about nuking a kobold into oblivion!

However, I am finding all the kicking and punching on my monk terribly fun. I can't seem to help myself. I want to play with my ki points, so I run up at any baddie I can find and whack on them.

I've made it to level 4 on my permy, Rowanfists. I know, who knew? I survived the gun barrel of butchers path, visited Durk the Deranged 3 times and have yet to meet Muck, ran threw waterworks, and exploded Yar Yars ship in Irestone Inlet.

Can i just throw in here, that the ship's explosion has to be one of the coolest additions to the game they have made. I simply had to run that content to see it. KABOOM!!!

In other news, I finally got my cleric flagged for the new raid. Not sure when I am going to eek out the time to run it. I've been busy with my new inventory system and spreadsheet lists.

I want to thank everyone who has been sending in information on the quest list. I think we are going to publish a huge revision this weekend. The hubby has been super on top of checking things. We got word from a player some of the previous quests had their favor changed. He was right. Not to mention it looks like a ton of the quests had their XP revisited again. I love the unpublished changes :(

My hand is slow to heal. I am still playing without the use of my index finger, and part of the hand. I am finding it near impossible to heal on the new content and owe my guildies a huge thank you for putting up with me.

I've wondered if that is why I am enjoying a melee character all of a sudden. All I have to do is move and punch stuff, no spell casting, no real specials, just hit it and kill it. It's less complicated, so I am less frustrated.

I've played a lot of DDO in the last week or so. It's full of new people, which is fabulous. I am enjoying the enthusiasm for the game I see from them.

I haven't pugged at all. I am staunchly an in guild person atm. The hubby is looking for a way to help out new players, and we are giving it some thought. We have heard of a friend who is running a guild for lowbies to show them th egame. I am fairly sure the hubby will join it.

I am off to accomplish some actual work. If I am good girl, I will get to game later. :D

Game on!!!