DDO in Print, and a whole lot about PINK!!!

Just a short snippet here. I am super busy with life at the moment, but wanted to at least make an attempt to blog.

For those of you who listen to DDOcast, I have been either doing a segment, participating in a live show, or being a guest voice in a commercial over the last month. Have fun picking out whose voice is whose on there :)

Thats the back cover of PC Gamer's December 2009 issue. Don't faint, but DDO has ACTUAL print advertising :) Who knew?

In other news, I tried to attend the air show here a couple of weekends ago, but the absolutely cruddy weather kept me from seeing anything fly.

I did however have time to ask the hubby to shoot pics of the pink things :)

Ok seriously, I don't know why we need a pink construction truck, but I thought it deserved a nod. The pink Delta airplane. If I were rich and famous, I would totally have to have one of these.

I know I am late in saying this, but October is Breast Cancer awareness month in case you were living under a boulder and completely missed it :)

I used to almost ignore Breath Cancer Awareness. While I knew it was important to my health and to my gender, I was younger, much less evolved, and generally thought there was no need to think about cancer.

Reality crashed around me when my mother was diagnosed several years ago. I became intimately aware of risk factors, ports, drug therapies, Chemo, Radiation and how to tie a scarf properly.

She is a survivor and I type that with a great deal of emotion. Nothing has ever rocked our family like cancer has.

Never take your world for granted.

So do yourself a favor, do a breast examine routinely, get a baseline mammogram, and remind your girlfriends to touch, check and keep track of changes in their breasts.

I love the color pink for many reasons, October reminds me its more than a fashion choice. It's about stamping out Breast Cancer, treating out bodies with respect, and being an advocate for our own health.

Click on this link to find out the new recommended way to do a Breast Self Exam.

I am off to do some work. Tonight is Static group night in DDO, and I am looking forward to finding new ways to kill some monsters.

Game On!!!