Things that make you go hmmmm

Spent the day in Stormreach. It's the first long day I have had to just sit and play more than a couple of hours of the game since the relaunch.

One of my PnP players tried the game on her own the day it launched. I had no idea, but when she sent me a text she liked DDO, I knew I had to find some time to sit down and show her the ropes.

A new character was born. FruityLoop the Cereal Killer. She's a pure Paladin who is only going to wear only Brigadine. I figure she can get some of that really brightly colored Crayola box stuff and like up to her Fruityness :)

Rolling a new toon is always a little boring to me. I've done the content 5 million times at this point.

Today was not boring. It was down right maddening.

With the infux of new Free to Play players, the general chat was rife with immature jokes, pure outright lewd comments, language only a sailor should use (sorry baby) and a smattering of truly good people just looking to get some help.

I finally had to actually hit the report button on a couple of the people. It made me sad. I have only taken that action maybe once or twice in the 3 plus years I have been playing.

I have never been so embarrassed. I think of DDO as my game. I brag about it to friends, beg them to try it out, roll new toons when they do and generally want to give them a tour of what I think of as the best game on earth.

I hung my head this afternoon wondering what people must feel when they get to Korthos and see all the mayhem and foolishness.

I finally turned off chat entirely.

On the plus side, my friend is having a blast. Hearing her ohhhs and awes at monsters, her pulling out her DnD background to make her character better, complimenting the graphics and her squeals of surprise at traps and monsters re lit a fire in me for a game that had been becoming to bland.

I did have a few surprises. A free to play player has a cap on how much money they can have. I went to give her 10,000 plat to go shopping with, and the system wouldn't let her have it.

The restrictions on quests is going to get in the way a little. She thinks she wants to subscribe. After 2 or 3 days of play she is already level 3 and in the harbor. I realized tonight the level cap is about to hit and we have yet to find one of those leveling sigils in a chest. :(

She was unaware the game had voice chat, since until we grouped with her today, she had been soling. When she heard or voices through our speakers it made her jump LOL. She immediately went out this afternoon and came home with a headset. We've got her set up and talking away :)

Overall, I can see where some of the players might get a little frustrated around level 4. I am hoping I can keep her enthusiasm up and make DDO a place where she can spend a few hours here and there to relieve some stress and scratch her DnD list.

Free to play is an interesting option and being involved with someone who is using it has opened my eyes a little to the lock down Turbine put on the players.

While I am not a fan of this current structure of micro transactions, I am building up an extreme dislike for the advertising. Hearing people ask about what they have to buy to be successful and why considering the game is now being marketed as a free to play MMO makes sense.

At this time, there sure isn't much Unlimited in Eberron.

Game On!!!

P.S. There is a new Podcast up at Episode 134... and yes I am actually on it again this week.