The quest for Favor

I know most of you don't agree, and that's ok! However, for now, I haven't had a reason to use the DDO Store. I am hoping something comes up in the future, like armor dyes :), but until then , I am leaving it alone. So, since I may want in the future to run a favored soul, I need the favor. I looked today to see how close I was. It wasn't as nice as I would have thought. 2187 :( Bleh.

Hubby and I took the time to run my cleric through a bunch of the quests today and we log off tonight with Rowanheal having 2441 in favor. Altogether not a bad favor day!

We also finally got the opportunity to run some of the higher level new content.

I reluctantly leveled Rowanheal to 17 to try and make her more viable out there. Since Turbine rightly assumes that ever other player in the game is not as hung up on leveling as I am, they have the content out there pretty insanely inflated.

We ran Genesis Point and Sins of Attrition. Overall I'll give these two a thumbs up for being a challenge. As far as being interesting, well they felt a little blah, but I am hoping as I understand more of the story, it's going to feel more intriguing.

I don't know yet if I am going to run a lot of the content out there over and over again. I will admit, since Gianthold, I have found few reasons to re run content in The Vale, or Reaver's Refuge, ... I don't speak of the Orchard... it's a nasty place.

Gianthold is still my favorite mod they have put out in a long long time. Not sure why the flavor of that one appeals to me so. Maybe it was the different traps, or the size of the open area, ease with which I was able to learn the content well. *shrugs*

I've decided to park all of my girls at 18. Most of you will find this odd. It's ok. We all have a different style of play. I will be right in the middle of some good groups at 18 without a penalty and will still have 2 levels to look forward to down the road if I ever decide to cap the girls out.

Oh and don't forget about the Turbine Points giveaway!!!

BTW... apparently Turbine is trying to go viral...They now have a facebook page, a Twitter and an offical Youtube channel. I simply am speechless. I am sure its a good thing... it has to be a good thing... well it will at least be an interesting thing :D

Check out this video they put out to get people to buy the Ruins of Threnal...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dude, its THRENAL... we say is wwwaaaayyyy different. And who the heck is this chick?

I think I am off to bed. It's been a good day of gaming and I am wiped.

Game On!!!