Static group frustrations

My fabulous static group ran some of the Reaver's Refuge stuff tonight. Hubby had to be elsewhere, so we were a man down, but we still decided to tool around in the open areas and pick up the rares and explorers. We ran two of them, twice a piece.

Either we have the worst luck in Stormreach, or something is borked. It's the first time I have been out there since the new mod went up, but we didn't get one single rare. You read right, not a single one.

Left us feeling a little bit frustrated.

We ended up not going into the last one. While it might have been some XP for the rares, we just were too depressed to go through another dry run.

We did give one of the quests a try. About halfway through we all died, but it was a fun death and listening to the shocked gasps makes me giggle. So glad the mic is on push to talk! I try not to tell them about the content, since I have one or two who often haven't run it before. Leads to some spectacular wipes as we figure things out.

I can also say, I learn things about quests I normally zerg through. When you have to take the time to run a dungeon slow and careful, you have time to see everything. Plus, I love to watch them figure something out. :)

On another front I was talking to another DDO player tonight who brought up a good point concerning the DDO Store. I had said on the Podcast that at the moment, I am boycotting it. I just don't see the point and have chosen not to participate. However, a lot of you don't feel that way.

I know some have bought Favored Soul, others have bought additional character slots and so forth. The aesthetic and upgrade items don't bother me, and I think if I were to use the Store they would be the items I would purchase.

However, I caught wind of a disturbing trend tonight. It was reported to me that some people are using the Store for sloppy play.

Wiping on a simple quest and asking who has points to buy rezzes? It's just weaksauce.

Asking the cleric why they just don't buy a mana pot, not your business.

I am hoping as the population gets used to the Store, we will see less and less of this type of behavior. For now, I am just choosing to let it roll as it will. We have a major change to the way the game operates, and its going to take a couple of months for everything to settle.

I am not sure they will ever get back to what I call "normal," but I do think it will still be a fun and interesting game.

Game On!!!