Static group dies again

My Static group normally runs on Tuesdays, but after playing together for almost 3 years, we have learned to be flexible. With one of our players out of town on business Tuesday, we moved our game over to Thursday and figured, why not. Our Guild is TnT... it could stand for Thursday :) Tonight was the first time in months we've had all six of us live in game. While Zeff, the hubby, has been home from deployment for a few, he's had duty and other obligations that have kept him away from Static night fun.

We decided we would tackle a little more of the Reaver's Refuge. We still aren't really well geared, but having only played these characters with this group, we know each others strengths and weaknesses well enough to pull almost any fat out of the fire :D

Tonight, we were robbed. Screwed. And well, in retrospect, really dead :D

We ran Prey of the Hunter. Used to be, we would simply run past all those giants, but with the introduction of the "well thought out" Dungeon scaling system, we now have to stop and kill all those jerks. Time consuming, resource draining, and overly annoying.

We had a fabulous almost wipe when we got to the barriers. Our sorceress was lost and hide at the blue door, while the rest of the party went for the lever... the lever they couldn't find. As the ever directionally challenged sorceress, I listened to the "ding" your party member "insert name here" is dead... repeatedly LOL!

We pulled that one off with some fancy footwork, but when they FOUND the lever to the barrier, somehow all the giants they had been running around FOUND me. In my haste to firewall them to death I fell off the ledge into Rockslide :( Yes, I died. It was an especially hard death to take considering I had been holding my own against the hoard of monsters for a good 5 minutes!

We had a wipe after that, but we kept going, sure we would win the adventure and save the day.

The group had little trouble running through the maze, but we simply weren't fast enough and the "Adventure Failed" message popped for us.

Two and a half hours later and no xp, no chest, but a lot of laughs. I do love to run with my TnTers :)

In other news, I made the 2500 favor on Rowanheal today! W00t. Rowansoul the favored soul will be born soon :D

I also got flagged for the DQ raid and ran it tonight. We 6 manned it with little issue, but nothing dropped :(

It simply wasn't my loot day!

I have been meaning to mention a new Comic. M3 as it is being called just put out its second strip. I am inserting both here, but be sure to check out the site and register to leave comments :)

(click on the pic to enlarge ... unless you can like read tiny stuff LOL) Episode 1

Episode 2