... beta launched.

I took some time after static group tonight to fiddle around with it. It's running on Wordpress. Easy functionality (hahahahaha...not), mostly drag and drop.

Over all the site was rather easy for me to set up the way I wanted. I didn't realize the unfunctionality of Wordpress until I started trying to add widgets in HTML code. Javascript is not supported in the build MyDDO is currently utilizing. I will have to find a work around for that when my eyes are a little less bleary.

My biggest and perhaps most ardent complaint? The character listing. ATM, I can't seem to turn any characters anonymous. Aggravating, since I have 25 or so characters, some of which I play in guild where I don't use voice and no one knows who I am. No, I am not spying. It's called hiding :) And yes, I sometimes use the information I glean either here on the blog or on my podcast, but overall, I just like to be able to play without people associating me with "that pink girl!"

There are some people who don't want things associated to them. Sometimes Guild Leaders have an alt they don't guild, so they can get some peace and quiet on occasion :) I play in hiding. I know others do as well. While I suppose there might be something nefarious about it for some, for a lot of us we just like some downtime every once in a while from guild drama, pressures and the friends list.

I also noticed that in the Character Listing, it uses your original server. In my case, I moved my main from the Ghallanda to the Argonessen server a couple of years ago. Rowanheal is still being listed on MyDDO as being on Ghallanda. I tried logging her in and out of the gaming server to see if that would update the information, but it hasn't.

The forums already have some players screaming for the functionality of the Character Listing to get a review. Some complain more loudly than others with promises of canceled accounts while others simply are using this kind of technology for the first time and wondering if there is simply something they aren't doing correctly.

Overall, its not a bad start. If you choose, you can load your characters, and be able to see basic stats and gear on your MyDDO page. Of course, this means everyone else can see as well. You can blog, put in some basic pictures and profile information.

As a gaming site its ok. I personally use Xfire to connect all my games into one program, plus xfire lets me talk to my PC gaming friends no matter what game they are in, or in DDO's case which ever server they are on.

I am not sure how all of this will fair with the DnD crowd. I know Turbine Launched MyLOTRO first to seemingly great success. I can't help but keep wondering if Turbine simply feels the age bracket of paying customers they had for DDO was simply too "old" and they needed to connect into the "tween" market with "Social" mumbo jumbo, Free to Play Microtransactions and other such nonsense.

In a time where other markets have worked to garner the interest of the ever aging baby boomers and their children, other industries have simply never really gotten it. Well, ok. There is the Wii. I think even my mother is interested in getting one. I am still not sure if I consider it gaming LOL!

In all honesty, my first reaction to MyDDO was as follows: *sigh* Oh joy. Yet another site to build and make sure feeds my blog, twitter, xfire, pictures and so forth.

Do you ever feel like you have more Web 2.0 than you can handle? I am in Web overload.

Keeping up with the blog, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Netvibes, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, MSN, and so forth has aggregated my life into a real nice big stressball.

I try to get all the sites to update mostly on their own. I use Ping to update my twitter, facebook and myspace at one time whether hooked into my main computer or if I am out and about on my blackberry. I RSS my blog to facebook, and have a widget to RSS my blog into myspace. I use Meebo to collapse all my IM's into one page on my web broswer, and use Jivetalk on my blackberry to achieve the same IM all in one result when I am mobile.

All this "Social Networking" is becoming like a second job.

Where does MyDDO fit for you? Are you using something like this for the first time, or do you maintain facebook or myspace pages? Have you found it easy to use? Does the character listing bother you at all?

Anyways its late. I am off to dream.

Game On!!!