Its a new day in DDO

Woke up this morning in a fairly grumpy mood. I had Occupational Therapy for this injury of mine and then it was home for me to try and see what had happened in DDO. It's official launch day of DDO Unlimited and I held my breath waiting for the ruckus to begin. has a new look and even a new video. I will warn you now. The video is complete cheese. Funny to those of who have been playing long term. I am not sure how the humor is being understood by the novice. Go on over to to view it. Chicken sounds, a new slogan *barfs*, but some great cinematics.

I'd love to tell you it's all been smooth, but this is a Turbine Game. You know I shouldn't pick on them nearly as much as I do. Every game developer has its issues. It's just launch days for mods and now a re-release have been rife with fits and stutters.

Today the forums have been up and down like a yo-yo. This apparently has also affected new downloads and accounts. While there hasn't been a HUGE push for DDO Unlimited since the last delay was announced, there has been a smattering of news coverage. Not to mention the little banner ads many sites have been adding lately. Heck I saw a DDO Unlimited blurb on my gmail the other morning :)

I will say has a great round up on their site. As does Jerry over on DDOcast. Check both of them out for great links, screenshots and vids.

I logged into my server briefly this evening to take a look around. The Harbor was filled with newbies. Some of them old players returning since the game is now free, others are part of the flock of new players expected to flood the game servers in the next few months.

One thing DDO has never really had; a general world chat. I should amend that and say while general chat has been available, it is not used by those of us who have been playing for the last 3 plus years unless we were in the rare live event.

Imagine my shock when I couldn't read guild chatter for all the general chat busy scrolling through my screen. *sigh* I can say most of it consisted of new players looking for advice on how to access spells, build a character and so forth. There were a few immature comments, but they were few and far between.

Overall, I am going to give launch day a B+. Ok, so some people are probably pretty frustrated that they couldn't get logged in. I don't have any concept of what the download times may have been like today, but with the new Turbine Download Manager in place, it should have been minimal. The game loads in pieces as you play through the tutorial and Harbor and so on.

I am hoping there are a lot of people out there enjoying Stormreach and seeing the fantastic graphics, action based combat and powerful grouping system. I know there will be complaints, and I may yet find some reason to make some of my own.

I am still not ready for all of this, but it's here.

*raises her glass to DDO Unlimited*

Here's to the new game.

Game On!!!