DM's Vision and more :)

I'm going to blame the husband. I mean after all, it's normally his fault, right? I am aware of the "rumor" that the longer people are married, the more they act, look and sound alike, but I had NO idea I would take a critical hit!!!

Innocently I watched Zeff's ability to name off all his named loot, be hyper aware of all the gear on any one particular character and earlier this spring found a binder full of his spreadsheets which aggregated volumes of information about DDO. I considered him a nut. I mean who does that?

Apparently, as of yesterday, Rowan does :D

It started because I had all these extra weapons I was pulling on my cleric. I couldn't figure out who to send them to. I innocently thought, well write them down. I started a list. A very very very smallish list.

It always begins that way, doesn't it *sigh*

I have spent most of the past two days going over only two of my girls. Both Rowanheal and Rowanshadow have been inspected with a fine tooth comb. My mule is overburdened with all the left over gear, feats have been exchanged, enhancements reset, toolbars retooled, armor crafted and as I log off tonight I am fairly beat.

I am also thinking about the all the other girls I will have to go through in the coming week. Why in the world did I do this to myself?

MMM, btw, Rowanshadow was respeced for Two Weapon Fighting and took the Way of the Assassin Line. I played around with her for a few minutes and I already like it. Not sure how I am going to do with traps. I left a few enhancement points free, so if I find a deficiency I can address it later.

Rowanheal made some Dragon Touched armor. Color me frustrated, but finally, after 19 Eldtrich runes (I had been saving em up,) I got the Greater False life I wanted. Now I need to run for Tempest and Sovereign runes until the end of time to get the rest of the armor fixed. And yes, now Zeff and I and everyone else look exactly alike. (Ahem, Turbine... Halllllooooo... Armor Dyes!!!)

I also found out about the DM's Vision set tonight from Zeff. If you have the Voice of the Master from Delera's and you pick the Mantle of the Worldshaper from Threnal, you are granted DM's Vision. True seeing all the time. Neat little set with a nod to both Gary and Dave. I love it. Ok, so I can True Seeing on my myself all the time as a cleric, still I had to go see about the set :D

On other fronts, I love it when a log screen has a typo. Couldn't resist posting it here.

Morah and Clankenbeard are running a new contest, MISS STORMREACH 2009. Check out their thread for more info on how to enter. (reminds herself to take her pink robe in to the dry cleaners)

It's been a productive day with a side of fun. I'm off to bed. Zeff wants to try Perma death so we are over on Thelanis for Lessah's Perma Death fun at 8 am est. *blinks* I am gonna need coffee!