PnP shennanigans

We are a week out from DDO:U being released. I am not overly excited per se, but the dagger the new style will bring with it to my favorite online MMO has been removed from my back. Turbine announced a new server Cannith. I am not sure if it is just to give the new players some place to congregate together, or if it is truly needed due to the foreseen bevy of Free to play players that will bombard the servers on The 9th of September.

So far, the press articles directly linked to the launch have been few and far between lately. I suspect most, if not all, of the advertising has already come and gone, and with the launch having been put back by a month, we won't see much more than a dribble.

Of course, this could also be due to the recent filing Turbine made in court. They are suing Atari.

I first read about it on my twitter while sitting in a traffic jam. I am lucky I leave enough space between cars, because I pumped my fist in a victory sign. Not sure what the people around me thought, but I felt overjoyed to see Turbine making some inroads to giving Atari the what for.

I've read through as much of the documentation as possible. It's long, mostly in legalize, and terribly convoluted, but the end result is, Turbine wants $30 million.

I am hoping they get it.

Jerry has done an excellent post on the news over at DDOcast. If you are interested in reading the full documentation, follow to here.

In other news, I have been playing some Pen and Paper DnD. We've been playing a 3.5 game a few times a month. I am currently trying to keep a level 2 sorcerer alive. I almost killed her yesterday. Thankfully, a druid decided to give me a heal while I bled out on the forest floor.

I love my MMO's. I love my console's. But I really really love sitting down to a table with a group of geeks and rolling dice!

I am including a picture here of our board. I had brought the guys, all of whom are sailors, back some sailor ducks from Gencon. They decided one needed to be a Mini on the board and roleplayed it as a dire duck!

Lastly, The Guild guys and gals have made a music video. It's hysterical. Enjoy!